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Emmmyxo Onlyfans | USA Model Emely Torres

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023 at 12:22 pm

Emmmyxo is a 24-year-old cute OnlyFans model from the united states. Emmmyxo’s real name is Emely Torres and she joined OnlyFans in 2020 and has attracted many fans towards her beauty.

Emmmyxo’s name on OnlyFans is Em and her username is @emmmyxo. 

Emmmyxo has uploaded lots of content on her OnlyFans account with 190 photos and 96 video content. And on her OnlyFans timeline, Emmmyxo has uploaded 304 posts which have received more than 66K likes.

And according to the fansmetrics data, Emmmyxo has approximately 5.1K people who have subscribed to her paid content.

Emmmyxo is young and a growing OnlyFans model and is earning pretty good from her OnlyFans account.

According to Emmmyxo’s profile, she posts at least 2 or 3 times weekly and she does custom content as well as per the demand.

Emmmyxo’s monthly subscription on OnlyFans comes with $9.99 per month but if you opt for other lengthy subscriptions then it comes with a discount.

Months of subscriptionAmount ($)
3 months26.97
6 months44.96

Now Emmmyxo isn’t just on OnlyFans, as she is active on Fansly as well where you can follow her for free. And on Fansly, Emmmyxo has 2 subscription packages one with $5 per month and another being a VIP subscription that costs $80 per month.

Now Emmmyxo is on instagram as well with the username eemelytorress but it’s a private account so you have to send a request to follow her on instagram.

And notably, Emmmyxo is very active on Twitter and has 131K+ tweets so you can follow her there to get all the updates from her. Emmmyxo has 284K followers on Twitter and her username on Twitter is @emmmyxoo.

Coming to her TikTok account, Emmmyxo’s username is @officialemmmyxo and she consistently posts TikTok videos to entertain her fans and she has 91K followers.

Emmmyxo also has Twitch and Youtube accounts as well but on Youtube, Emmmyxo hasn’t posted any videos till now but she might soon start uploading content so keep checking her YT channel.

We hope you came to who Emmmyxo (Emely Torres) is and about her OnlyFans account!

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