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Mckinzievaldez OnlyFans | Is the TikTok Star on OnlyFans?

Last updated on September 17th, 2022 at 04:36 pm

Mckinzievaldez is an American TikTok content creator, mainly known for her lip-sync content that has gained her a million followers.

Mckinzievaldez is from Texas, united states, and if you are looking if Mckinzievaldez has an OnlyFans account or not then she doesn’t have an OnlyFans but keep checking because she might have one soon.

Mckinzievaldez started creating content on TikTok in 2019 but unfortunately, her account got hacked which had more than a million loyal followers.

The lip sync videos of Mckinzievaldez made her famous and grabbed the public’s attention.

In short, Mckinzievaldez is also known as Kinz which is also her name on her instagram account.

On instagram Mckinzievaldez has 283K followers but her main social platform was TikTok which she hasn’t received back yet after getting hacked.

Mckinzievaldez’s TikTok username was @mcKinzie.valdez but now it’s not available. She had 1.1M followers and had uploaded 339 videos on TikTok.

But for now, you can follow Mckinzievaldez on her instagram and her instagram username is Mckinzievaldez.

Mckinzievaldez is also on Twitter with the username @mckinziie but has only 11K followers and is not at all active on this platform.

Well, to answer your question Mckinzievaldez is not on OnlyFans at least as of now but we will keep you updated on this post if she ever joins the OnlyFans platform.

Also, make sure to check Mckinzievaldez’s instagram profile as well where she might post if she ever joins OnlyFans.

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