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Soulgen AI Review – Real & Anime Girl Generator!

Last updated on January 8th, 2024 at 11:26 am

Ladies, gentlemen, and otakus and weebs of all ages, it’s time to dust off your waifu pillows and get ready for a technological marvel that will blow your socks off!  

Enter the realm of Soulgen AI, the brand-spanking new NSFW AI anime and realistic AI tool that’s got everyone talking. With Soulgen AI, you can create realistic and anime pron images that’ll blow your mind and leave you saying, “Wow, I never knew AI could be this steamy! 

It’s the hottest new toy in town and let me tell you, the view is quite… um… mind-blowing. Now that’s enough talk. Let’s find out how good Soulgen AI is and what it has to offer for AI anime enthusiasts like me!

Pornpen AI Alternative – Soulgen AI

Pornpen! The site that needs no introduction, or does it? I mean, sure, everyone may not know about it, but surely, people like us, well, we’re in the loop, aren’t we? 

Once you take a stroll down the rabbit hole that is Pornpen, it’s like trying to escape quicksand. The steamy images just keep coming at you, wave after wave, and before you know it, you’re drowning in a sea of naughty goodness.  

But the question is can Soulgen be a good alternative to Pornpen? Well, let’s find out!

What Can Soulgen AI Do?

So, as mentioned in the beginning there are features Soulgen offers i.e adult AI anime (hentai basically) and realistic AI porn image. 

When you visit Soulgen’s homepage you’ll see a big heading saying “Text to AI girl generator” and as you scroll down you’ll see the showcasing of both real-girl simulacra and their animated, doe-eyed counterparts.

Yeah, nothing like the homepage of Pornpen! Now by looking at those images you might wonder and say lol, how can this be the alternative to Pornpen? Yup, that’s what I thought until I signed up, and started giving NSFW prompts!

Well, that being said let’s check these 2 features of Soulgen in more detail.

Soulgen’s Real Girl Porn Generator

Once you have signed up for Soulgen ai you will see an interface just as shown below where you need to enter the prompt, select your soulmate style (either real or anime) and then click on generate.

And below that, you’ll see “looks like” option. This option is only available for real girl. This feature allows you to upload an image of any girl from your computer and it generates a realistic AI-generated image that resembles the uploaded person’s face. Pretty cool, huh?

After that, you’ll see hint tags. Soulgen has shown you several tags that you can make use of when generating the image. I mean these are just hint tags and it’s not necessary to include any of these while giving the prompt because unlike Pornpen, with Soulgen you can add your own prompt.

Now that you know how to use Soulgen, let’s take some prompt examples and show you how good the real girl image comes out!

Prompt given: Cowgirl(1girl, 1boy, penis:1.25),[full_body],nsfw,(girl on top, breasts, navel, spread legs, pussy, ceiling, looking at viewer:1.6), (pussy, sex:1.3).

Below is the image I received. You can see the prompt I gave below that image as well.

soulgen real girl generator

Now if you are satisfied with that porn image then you can download or else you can try again or by modifying the prompt.

I have taken an AI generated image of a woman to replace the face. And below is the modified image. Not bad, I would say!

AI image
AI Image
Face modified image by Soulgen

To show a few more examples, I have generated 2 more realistic AI porn images to check out the quality and relevance of the image generated.

Prompt: beautiful woman, standing, beach, nude boobs, panties, holding juice, evening, sunglasses, waves, coconut tree
Prompt: sexy_woman, shaved_pussy, earrings, nude, tattoos, bedroom, bed, sitting_on_bed, blue necklace, pussy

Look at those prompts and the images it generated. Not too shabby, if you ask me! Of course, you might have to hit that generation button a few more times before you get the perfect pic. 

And let’s not forget, none of these tools are perfect (yet), so you gotta keep experimenting with the prompts until you strike gold.

Soulgen’s Anime Girl Porn Generator

Now let’s take a look at how Soulgen performs when it comes to generating anime porn images. To generate anime porn images you need to click on anime porn as the soulmate style and then everything is the same process that we did for the real girl.

Let’s take a few examples to find out how good AI porn anime images comes out. 

Prompt: Pink hair, night gown, cute, blue eyes, fox girl, perfect ass, necklace, medium boobs, high socks, fox girl, couch.
Prompt: Beautiful, forest, white_socks, nude, naked boobs, nipples, naked pussy, spread_pussy, spread_legs, large_ass, green_eyes, green_hair, smile, looking at viewer, night_sky

Here is one more anime image that came out really good. Prompt is below the image as you can see.

One thing I found out using Soulgen is that anime porn images come out a little bit better than realistic one. You can experiment with it by yourself but that’s what I felt.

Soulgen AI (New Feature Update!) has a new feature now and that is called “Edit image”. Yes, this is a really cool feature released by the Soulgen team.

You can edit the generated image or upload your own image from your laptop and edit it however you want. The below image shows a few things that you can edit with the edit image feature of Soulgen. But honestly, those are only a few things because the only limit is your imagination on what you can edit. 

Soulgen AI (New Feature Update!)

I took their demo image as an example to edit. Left hand side shows the demo image and the right hand side shows the edited image.

In the prompt box, I only added these: colorful background, fantasy colorful background. And as you saw, it completely replaced the background. But you can do any changes you want and it’s up to your imagination!

And editing the image is a very simple process as well. All you have to do is to double-tap to select the area and then enter whatever prompt you want and then click on generate. Simple!

The Drawback of Soulgen AI

As you saw from the above images, the output image is quite good but there are a few drawbacks of Soulgen AI that I would like to point out.

Soulgen AI is a paid tool first of all (there is no free trial or free version) and they give only 100 credits for $9.99 per month and if you need more credits then you need to pay extra. 100 credits for $9.99 is a bit less in my opinion.

The second thing I found out is that you may need to retake several times if you are not satisfied with the image but if your prompting ability is great then you might get your desired image in one shot!

Other than that Soulgen does a good job but as mentioned before just 100 credits for $9.99 is a little less (hope they will increase it a bit)

Final Thoughts!

Hope I have clearly explained the AI porn generation ability of Soulgen AI and I think it can be a good alternative to Pornpen. Further, the quality of the images is pretty amazing.

If you have tried Soulgen AI, let me know in the comments about your experience using this tool. It looks promising to me!

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