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Onlybabes.ai Review – Showcased With 12 Prompt Examples!

Last updated on August 11th, 2023 at 11:09 am

Looking for an AI tool that can generate artistic/semi realistic AI images? Then onlybabes.ai is the one for you to check out!

Yes, onlybabes.ai is a brand spanking new AI tool that can generate semi-realistic or super artistic AI images of your dream girl! Hence, it’s not by chance that it has earned its distinctive name – onlybabes!

Join me in this article as I will take you through the full review of onlybabes.ai from setting up the account to showcasing you with the AI images it can generate along with the prompts that are used! Stick till the end as this tool can even generate Ronaldo and Messi images!

Onlybabes.ai Review

Setting Up Onlybabes.ai Account

In order to set up your onlybabes.ai account first visit the official website of onlybabes.ai and their homepage will look as shown below.

onlybabes.ai and their homepage

Now click on the get started button to create your onlybabes account. Set up your username and verify your email address and that’s it now your onlybabes.ai account is created.

Onlybabes.ai Premium Plans

Onlybabes.ai is a premium AI tool so you need to opt for one of their 2 subscription options. Onlybabes.ai’s Gold plan is priced at $14 per month and the Platinum plan is priced at $23 per month. 

Both plans will let you generate unlimited semi realistic AI images but there are a few main differences between both. The images generated with the platinum plan are of high quality (4K upscale feature is also included), and you have to wait less time to get your image.

Also, there is an expert mode option on platinum wherein you can set guidance, steps and seed. Altering these features will make changes to the end result. Further, in platinum plan, there is a negative prompt box where you can add the prompt that you don’t want the generator to include while generating your image.

I have access to the platinum plan of onlybabes.ai and I get my image within 10 seconds after hitting that generate button and the quality of the images is just exceptional!

I’m not bluffing as I will show you with examples of the images I generated with onlybabes.ai further down in this article.

Purchasing Onlybabes.ai Using Gumroad

Now you cannot purchase onlybabes.ai directly from their website as they are managing all their payments and subscribers using Gumroad. Now you don’t have to create your Gumroad account in order to buy the plans of onlybabes.ai but imo creating one would be a wiser option.

Why because you can manage your purchase through your Gumroad library. Once you bought any one of the plans of onlybabes.ai, gumroad will mail you the license key for onlybabes.

Copy that license key, go to your onlybabes.ai account dashboard and paste it in the license key box and then hit refresh!

onlybabes.ai account dashboard

Now you will be taken to your onlybabes.ai’s account dashboard and your dashboard will look as shown below.

onlybabes.ai prompt box

Well, now that we have gone through all of these it’s time to blow your mind and make your heart race with some examples!

Onlybabes.ai Review With Examples

As of now, onlybabes.ai has 7 style options and you can generate images in any style you want. All 7 style options are available on both plans. I will take 12 prompt examples and show you the images generated in 3 of my favorite styles i.e dramatic, smooth and perfection.

Example 1: Medium Breasts and Wide Hips Star Girl

Prompt Given: proportional eyes, extremely detailed face, detailed eyes, Semi realistic, extremely detailed, hyper detailed, soft lighting, detailed background, extreme detail background, sharp details, petite, wide hips, medium breasts, star girl outfit, blonde hair, blue eyes

Example 2: Radiant Elf Woman in a Colorful Meadow

Prompt Given: a happy tall busty elf woman, long elf ears, silver braided hair, standing in a field of colorful flowers, butterflies, pastel colors, upper body focus

Example 3: The Nude EpTactical Forest Dweller

Prompt Given: nude woman, fur jacket, wearing epTactical, sexy, seductive look, forest, detailed forest, detailed nipples

Example 4: A Captivating Solo Amidst the Red Rose Bushes

Prompt Given: (mature woman), solo, (black long hair), black eyes, medium breasts, ( short red tight dress), open neckline, smiling, (red rose bushes in the background), flower garden, (sitting on her lap), long earrings, tattoo, sexy, (masterpiece), (high quality), (best quality), (detailed), hd, perfect lighting, detailed face, detailed body, full body

Example 5: Mysterious Nurse Chronicles – Seduction in the Hospital

Prompt Given: (mature woman), solo, short black hair, brown eyes, large breasts, (black latex short nurse’s dress), ( nurse’s headdress), open neckline, sexy, (hospital room in the background), full body, (high quality), (best quality), hd, perfect lighting, detailed face, detailed body

Example 6: Short Green Hair in Denim Jumpsuit

Prompt Given: (mature woman), (solo), short green hair, red eyes, medium chest, denim jumpsuit with open neckline, bare shoulders, street background, detailed face, detailed body, (high quality), (best quality), hd, perfect night lighting

Example 7: The Subtle Sophistication of a Mature Woman in a Pink Dress

Prompt Given: (mature woman), solo, purple long hair, purple eyes, smile, (short pink dress open neckline to the navel), big breasts, (high quality), (best quality), perfect lighting, detailed face, detailed body

Example 8: A Nice Cumshot on a 22 Year Old’s Tits

Prompt Given: 22 year old female, ruined for marriage, medium breasts with soft nipples, cum on face and tits, cum string, cumdrip from face, look of extreme pleasure, masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed

Example 9: Captivating Nude Beauty in a Grain Field’s Embrace

Prompt Given: A single sexy nude woman with large breast, seducing smile, colorful hair, sunset, standing in the middle of a field of grain, dreamy atmosphere, soft lighting, hazy focus, digital painting, artstation, concept art, illustration

Example 10: Caitlyn’s Cool Composure – Pool Party Portrait

Prompt Given: illustration, beautiful girl, 1girl, large breasts, mature female, pool party caitlyn, ocean, side-tie bikini bottom, perky nipples, (wet skin, wet hair, wet body, ), looking at viewer, adjusting hair, expressionless, partially submerged, purple hair.

Example 11: Charming Woman in a Frilled Pink Bikini

Prompt Given: 1girl, solo, lips, long eyelashes, (beautiful woman), long hair, soft hair, looking at viewer, pink lips, cute eyes, green eyes, cute, cup boobs, smile, nose blush, frilled pink bikini, frilled bikini, large breasts, beach

Example 12: An Uncensored Lightning Farron

Prompt Given: nsfw, uncensored, illustration, beautiful girl, lightning farron, lightning, asymmetrical hair, sleeveless, pussy, shoulder armor, cape, black hand gloves, ((shirt lift))

Well, all these 12 examples show you how good onlybabes.ai is and for generating semi realistic AI art I betcha this is the one for you!

The only drawback I found with onlybabes.ai is that you may have to generate a few times before the AI manages to depict those finicky fingers in a way that doesn’t make them look like they’re auditioning for a role in an alien movie. This is the problem with all AI tools even if you are using stable diffusion.

Pro Tip: If you want to change the face then just include the name of any well known people and your image will come out with a similar-looking face of that person! 

This generator is known as OnlyBabes but guess what it can generate male images as well. I just gave Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as input in the prompt box and it did generate an AI image of CR7 and Messi! Below are the images I got and you can check the prompt proof as well!

As the old adage goes, AI wasn’t built in a day. Give it some time, it’s still learning. Trust me, the day isn’t far when it will conquer this digit-dilemma. Once that happens, brace yourself for such eerily perfect AI rendered porn images, you’ll be left gasping, “Damn, those look crazy good!”

Final Thoughts!

So my AI porn lovers, that’s my detailed review of onlybabes.ai. Tools like onlybabes.ai are proof that how good AI has become when generating AI images. 

I have given 12 prompt examples in this article and please feel free to copy those prompts and experiment by yourself on onlybabes.ai. Let me know what’s your take on this AI tool.  

And by the way, if you are looking for a list of AI porn tools then read this list of AI porn generators

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