Saturday, May 25, 2024

Daftsex.cmo  – But What Happened To Daftsex?

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023 at 12:26 pm was the site that used to be the one that was very popular but that site isn’t active anymore and we have a few more and new daftsex sites that I will cover in this article. But, nothing like the original one.

But what happened to

Mindgeek had accused and many other pirate porn sites for publishing copyrighted content of content creators and now daftsex site has been taken control by mindgeek.

MindGeek also won $32M in damages happened because of this pirate site and here is the article from torrentfreak if you want to read the full details!

Daftsex used to get millions of visitors every single month and now the site is down and zero traffic. But don’t get disappointed there are a few other sites like that might interest you. is the brand new site that was registered in the year 2021 and is receiving around 500K every single month.

The interface of draftsex looks really decent and you won’t see any kind of ads running or popping up when you visit this site’s homepage but there are a lot of ads show up when you click on any particular video and redirecting you to different pages.

But I’m not sure if it’s a safe space for my virtual bits and bobs. I always use ad block but just to test this site I just disabled ad blocker and every time I try to play a video, I get redirected to two mystery websites. 

Some of them have the danger symbol of doom at the top, while “daft sex” flashes a lock symbol. I’m not taking any chances, so I quickly back out before they load. So, be careful on that one. 

It’s not great like the original one but and not many porn categories as well as there are only around 35 porn categories. 

And if are one of those who loves fetish porn there is nothing much in here for your taste. Further, there are very limited porn videos.

Another site to mention is the which has a similar interface like daftsex.cmo and there are a lot of pop-up shit ads as well. 

Final Thoughts!

So that’s all I have on this and if you are looking to know what happened to just know that it’s gone and will never come back. 

However, I have mentioned a few other sites similar to daftsex but there isn’t anything in there and filled with a lot of redirect ads when you click any video. So, you better be checking spankbang or eporner.