Friday, July 19, 2024

xNude AI Review – Best Undress AI Tool From PornX AI

I’ve been using PornX AI for the past two years, and if you’re familiar with it, you might have tried out their undress feature, where you can undress any image with just a few clicks.

Well, there’s some news: XNude AI is the latest offering from PornX AI. Basically, they’ve shifted their undress feature from PornX AI over to XNude AI. So, the same feature you loved on PornX is now available on a new site called

Don’t worry, all the functionalities of the undress feature remain unchanged. The only difference is that you’ll now access them on XNude.

How to Use xNude AI?

Using xNude AI is very simple. You can actually see anyone naked in just a matter of few seconds. With basically just only 3 steps you can undress any image.

1. Upload the image you want to undress

2. Next, just select the parts where you want the clothes to disappear. Simple as that.

3. Then just hit on the undress button and boom there you have it!

Example Demonstration

Let me take a couple of examples to show you how I transformed 2 AI generated images of beautiful ladies into completely nude with the help of xNude AI!

Example 1

Example 2

Note: The above 2 images I took are AI generated images and not real person images.

So, what do you think? How are the output images? I absolutely loved the undressed images.

You can use xNude AI for free for 1st 3 generations and then you need to purchase their tokens if you want to undress more images. Or if you have tokens on your PornX account then you can transfer those tokens into xNude AI account to get the tokens to undress your images.

Other Features of xNude AI

Other than removing the images there are some other features that you can use with xNude as well. 

For example, you can make the breasts big or small, add bra, tattoos etc.

xNude AI is not just intended to undress only female images, it can very well undress male images too!

Another feature includes custom face where you can undress as well as change the face of the person. Amazing!

Note: Make use of with caution. If you are using any real person images then donot upload any images that you have undressed on social media platforms or anywhere or you might get in trouble. And don’t undress any real person images without their consent!

So with that being said, use for fun. See yourself or your partner in nude.

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FAQ’s About xNude AI?

Is xNude AI safe to use? never stores any of the images that you undressed on their server or on your profile. You only have the option to download the image and if you forgot to download the image then you need to start the process from the beginning. And moreover, this is a product from PornX AI and PornX has been there since the last 2 years and users have loved their product!

Is Safe to Use?

Yes, as mentioned earlier you can make use of for free for the first 3 generations to get to know their product.

How do I Transfer Tokens from PornX to xNude?

It’s simple. Just go to settings on your PornX profile and then click on Undress and there just enter the email address registered with and then transfer the tokens!

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