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Lesbian Tumblr | Is Lez Content Still Out In Tumblr?

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:38 pm

Not only the lesbians even men loved the lesbian content that was available on Tumblr. But sad to see most of the popular lesbian content have been disappeared and now you won’t see any lesbian sex content on tumblr.

So now, can you see lesbian sex on Tumblr? Well, the answer is no obviously but there are a few lesbian Tumblr blogs that upload lesbian content.

But these content doesn’t have any lesbian sex content and only some naked pics and gifs.

So let’s check out those lesbian Tumblr blogs that are active on Tumblr and publishing lesbian content.








Out of the above 6 lesbian Tumblr blogs I found only linda1234me and idrathergoforgirls blog has some kind of nude content and all other blogs really have anything much and only photos, gifs from movies and etc.

linda1234me is actively uploading even in 2022 and I personally loved Linda’s lesbian Tumblr blog. Linda uploads 100s of lesbian photos and gifs every month on her Tumblr blog. So this is the one you may want to check out!

Well, that’s all we found out while checking for the lesbian content on Tumblr. If you find any other better, then comment on this article.

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