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Fansly Login | How to Create a Fansly Account?

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:41 pm

Fansly, which was nowhere in the picture has been trending after the big announcement by OnlyFans which is the ban for porn content on OnlyFans.

Fansly recently said that that they have been receiving more than 4K applicants in an hour after the OnlyFans porn ban.

Due to the spike in demand, the company announced that its server had overloaded.

The online subscription service OnlyFans would no longer accept “any content featuring sexually explicit conduct” from October 1, with the exception of nudes. Well, that is what OnlyFans had said. But it had reverted its decision saying they are lifting the ban on porn which gave a big relief to so many content creators!

But once when OnlyFans announced the ban, a platform called Fansly has been trending and has been successful in gaining the attention of the content creators!

What is Fansly?

Fansly is a platform that hosts content similar to OnlyFans. If you’re unfamiliar with Fansly, it’s a “free and paid social network” where content producers can engage with followers, sell them things, and users may join up for paid or free services from creators.

Fansly, even though it was launched in 2014 was never been popular. But now after OnlyFans porn ban, people have been discussing Fansly in many different adult forums and communities.

Now that you know what is Fansly let’s jump into creating a Fansly account.

How to Create Fansly Account?

To create a Fansly account visit the official website of Fansly i.e fansly.com

Now when you enter the Fansly website you’ll see 2 options either to log in or to sign up for Fansly. Click on the signup button to sign up for Fansly.

fansly account signup

Now fansly will ask you to enter your:


Email id and password

Fill all the details and click on join.

Fill all details

Note: You can also directly signup with your Google account as well if you have logged into your Gmail account on your browser.

Now Fansly will send you a link to your email id to verify your email address. Click on it and your Fansly account will be verified.

In the right side of the Fansly website, you’ll see the model suggestions that you might be interested in following.

follow fansly models

If you are interested in any of those models then you can click on the follow button to get their updates on your feed.

When you follow an account on Fansly, some of their images will be available for free to check out but to unlock their other media you have to pay a few bucks.

You can unfollow, mute or block the Fansly models anytime you want.

Fansly Login 

Now let’s see how to login to your fansly account. 

On the homepage of Fansly, you’ll see the option to login to your Fansly account. Just enter your username and password and then hit login.

fansly login

That all. Now you’ll be logged into your Fansly account and start following the models you love, customize your profile or if you wish to become a Fansly creator then you can apply for that too from your profile.

Members of a Fansly subreddit claim that this site has more features than OnlyFans, including the option to search for a creator within the site and tiered subscription pricing so that creators may target both low and high-budget followers.

Another feature of Fansly is the ability for followers to follow content producers for free before subscribing, which offers content creators more freedom to advertise their channels and urge more fans to subscribe.

You can follow Fansly on Twitter to check out their latest features and to get notified about their latest news and updates.


Fansly can be a great alternative to OnlyFans and for viewers there is no shortage. If one platform goes down other platforms will pop up. Fansly platform can be a great way for you to make money online by uploading adult photos and videos! If you haven’t yet used Fansly why not try once? You may love it!

FAQ’s on Fanlsy

Who owns Fansly?

Select Media LLC is the company which owns Fansly but there is no information regarding who actually created Fansly

Where is Fansly based?

Fansly is American platform that is registered in Baltimore, Maryland.

Is there a Fansly web app?

Yes, there is a Fansly web app which you can make use of.

Is Fansly a trusted site?

Yes, according to many people who have used Fansly their opinion on the platform has been good.  Fansly is a legit and safe site. You can check this discussion from reddit as well.

What percentage does Fansly take?

Just like OnlyFans platform, even the Fansly takes 20% from the content creators and 80% money is what the creators take home.

Can a minor use and join Fansly?

No! You must be at least 18 years old to upload content on Fansly as well as to join Fansly.

How much is the minimum payout in Fansly?

The minimum payout in Fansly is $100

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