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What Is Cockwarming? Everything You Need To Know About Cockwarming

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 03:22 am

Who doesn’t want to feel warm inside when it’s cold outside. And when it comes to warming your cock, it would be an amazing feeling to make it warm!

In this article, we will learn what is cockwarming, how to do it, who does it, and lots more!

What Is Cockwarming?

Cockwarming is nothing but a sex act where a man puts his cock inside the vagina, mouth, or ass of a woman and keep the dick inside it still for a certain period of time in order to make your cock warm. This kind of sex act is known as cockwarming.

During cockwarming, the dick which is inside the vagina will be still, and there won’t be any thrusting.

I must say, cockwarming is really a romantic feeling especially when your cock is inside the vagina!

What’s The Difference Between Sex And Cockwarming?

The only difference between having sex and cockwarming is that in cockwarming there won’t be any thrusting process. That means, your dick will be completely still and you can’t put your dick in and out of the vagina continuously. 

And in cockwarming most of the time, one person will be dominant and the other person will be submissive. 

Mainly, female will be dominant and male will be submissive. Cockwarming is more common in a femdom or BDSM type of relationship.

How To Perform Cockwarming?

Cockwarming can be exciting and romantic for both the persons in the act. Cockwarming is not limited to a male and female, it can be done with gays as well. Let’s look into more on how to perform cockwarming in detail.

Cockwarming Between a Male And Female

As mentioned earlier, when a male and female perform cockwarming female will be dominant. Female will sit on your lap and hold your cock in her hand and put it inside her vagina. She will sit on your lap for some time to make your cock warm. 

While sitting on the lap, she can do whatever she wants like keep moving her ass to make you more excited, watch movies or chat with her friends on mobile, etc. 

But the male won’t be allowed to remove the dick from her vagina until she says to or if you cum inside her pussy or about to cum.

She will be in total control as she will be teasing your discomfort cock.

Cockwarming can also be done by putting your cock inside the ass hole of a female but the most common one is putting it inside the vagina.

Cockwarming can be done before and after sex as well. After you had sex and cum, you can put your dick again inside the vagina just for it to warm and become soft and it feels so great to put your cock again inside the vagina right after the cum. You would have a relaxing feel after the storm 😀

Cockwarming between male and female can also be dominated by male. So in this case, man will put his cock inside the mouth of a woman and keep it inside her mouth for some time.

He can also slowly push his cock in and out without removing the cock completely out of the mouth. Once he is satisfied or about to cum, he can remove his cock outside and then cum on her mouth or on her face.

Before cumming on her mouth or face, make sure you ask her permission for it because any sexual act even if it’s BDSM it should be enjoyed by both the parties!

Cockwarming isn’t the same as a blowjob. Blowjob and cockwarming are totally different. In a blowjob, you put your cock in and out of her mouth whereas in cockwarming, cock will stay still on her mouth.

Cockwarming Between a Male And a Male

If you are a male and in a relationship with a male then you can find this act exciting as well. Well here, one male puts his dick inside the ass hole of another man instead of a vagina.

Just like cockwarming act between male and female, here as well one male can be dominant and the other male being submissive. 

If are in a gay relationship why not try cockwarming with your partner?

How To Say Your Partner You Have A Cockwarming Fetish?

Well, it’s really hard to explain some sexual fetishes even to your very own partner. Because you are always in the thought process of what they might think about it. 

But without having a conversation, you would never know whether your partner likes cockwarming or not.

Take some courage and explain why you like cockwarming. I’m sure your partner will definitely understand you and would be thrilled to perform the act after all if your partner truly loves you they would do anything to pleasurize you!

If you are a male and love cockwarming, just tell her that how much pleasure your cock would get by keeping your cock inside her vagina. And also explain how her ass sitting on your lap will even more excite you!

The best time to perform cockwarming totally depends on you and your partner. You can perform cockwarming in the morning while watching a movie in the afternoon or while having sex in the night. 

Night would be the perfect time to perform cockwarming as most individuals will be horny and sexually active during the night.

Cockwarming Session: How Long It Should Be?

Simple answer: As long as you wish. Until you both feel comfortable performing cockwarming, you can go as long as you want. 

Cockwarming can go on from minutes to hours. But I guess if you cum inside her while cockwarming then the session ends there because after the cum you won’t feel any pleasure for a certain period.

If you are in a femdom relationship, you can consider cockwarming as a game. She can set a time period, for example, let’s say for 15mins your cock should be inside her vagina and you shouldn’t cum in that time, and if you do she will punish you.

Likewise, if you are in a male-dominated relationship then he sets the time period that his cock will be in your mouth; let’s say 15mins. If you cant hold for 15mins, then he will punish you. For example, few spanks to your ass as the punishment.

Sometimes you might feel strain with cockwarming, so make sure you try out different cockwarming positions and stick to the one that can be comfortable to you and your partner.

This Reddit thread discusses about cockwarming and see what the Redditors got to say about it.

Cockwarming word started spreading mainly in the BDSM forums and then several people started discussing around the topic.

As you can see from Google trends, the term cockwarming started trending only in the recent times.

There is also a Reddit forum that is solely related to cockwarming. The subreddit has 37K followers that talk about cockwarming advice, tips, posts photos, and videos of cockwarming regularly. 

If you love cockwarming then you can follow this subreddit

It’s Time For Cockwarming!

Cockwarming can be a good bonding moment between vagina and cock i.e between you both. You would feel a lot of feeling for each other in that period of time.

As BDSM is becoming more and more common these days, people are trying different sex acts and cockwarming is one of the exciting ones!

Hope from this article, you got an in-depth understanding and the meaning of cockwarming, the process of performing cockwarming, and more! 

If your sexual mind still wants to know more or is confused about anything, feel free to express your thoughts on cockwarming in the comments; we shall discuss about it!

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