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What Does BBFS Mean? BBFS Meaning In The Escort Industry

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:40 pm

When it comes to prostitution and escort there are a lot of slang words that normal people wouldn’t know. Only the professionals working in that industry would know about it.

So what does this BBFS even mean? Let’s check out.

BBFS Meaning

BBFS is a slang word in the escort world that stands for “Bare Back Full Service”. I’m sure even after knowing the full form you didn’t quite figure out what exactly it is.

Well, it means sex with no condom. Normally women who work as escorts would provide sex service with condoms on.

Considering health and safety prostitutes always offer sex only when a condom is being used. 

But some women offer BBFS for extra money. If the client is ready to pay more or if the prostitute is desperate then she will go for BBFS.

BBFS basically means no condom vaginal intercourse between the customer and the prostitute girl.

Is it safe to do BBFS?

Well, that depends. If you know the person personally and know that they don’t have any disease then it would be safe. Or else, it isn’t advised to go for BBFS as it might result in sexually transmitted diseases.

Should you go for BBFS?

Well in the heat of the moment, you might go for BBFS even if you dint intend for it. Make sure you don’t fall for the client talks as it might cause some serious problems if you are not careful about it.

Make sure to get tested when you go for BBFS with a complete stranger. Be smart when it comes to sex because it’s your body and your health!

Hope you came to know the meaning of BBFS.

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