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5 Quick Ways To Win Him Back?

Losing your guy is so, so painful and it’s only natural that you want to stop the pain asap and win him back.

What is even worse is when you’ve begged him to give you a second chance and he just wasn’t interested.

Get Your Boyfriend Back Or Give Up?

Of course every relationship is unique and there are many reasons why a break up occurs. It’s always difficult to say whether a relationship can be fixed or not but there is nothing wrong at all with wanting to give it another shot.

A lot of people have had short breaks to look at their lives only to realise they were with the right person after all.

Chances are that with some helpful advice on my blog you’ll get the tips that you need to get your boyfriend back too.

To Help You – 5 Top Tips To Get Your Boyfriend Back

1. Why did you break up?

You have to do a bit of analyzing first off. Do you know why he left? Was it because you weren’t affectionate or physical enough? Was it a religious reason? Was it family issues? Do you even know why he broke it off with you?

Hopefully you have some insight into why it happened so that you can address things in this time.

2. Don’t Drunk Dial Him

It’s really important that you have as little to do with him at this time. It can be a bit hard if you have the same friends or you see him at school or work but really have as little to do with him. Don’t be rude but be polite and busy. Don’t start up a conversation with him. If he chats to you keep it short but sweet. But it’s also important to look as good as you can so that he can feel that attraction for you again.

Try and remember things from when you were together – did he like a particular perfume, an outfit, your hair a certain way? These will trigger things in him.

3. Don’t Act Like You Need Him

It’s best to act that you’re quite indifferent about getting him back. You can do this by not pursuing any kind of contact with him. This way he will miss you more. If you call him all the time or text him he’ll just be smug thinking see she can’t live without me. You don’t want to give him a huge ego, you want him to miss you!

4. Keep Yourself Busy

The best way that you can stop thinking about him is by keeping yourself busy so that you have less time to think about him. Did you have some interests during your relationship you gave up so you could be with him? Now’s the time to start them again. Go on holiday, hang out with friends. You get to be a bit selfish at this time so enjoy it.

5. Always Be True To Yourself

Don’t try and be something you’re not just to win him back. You are who you are and he well knows who you are. Be yourself, you’re beautiful and deserve love.

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