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What Is Soggy Biscuit? Soggy Biscuit Game [Explained]

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:41 pm

Hmm, soggy biscuit? What the hell is that? Does the name sound weird to you?

Well, in fact what happens in a soggy biscuit game is also weird. So in this article, we shall look into what is soggy biscuit and how this soggy biscuit porn game is being played.

What is Soggy Biscuit? The Soggy Biscuit Game

Before getting into what is soggy biscuit, let me tell you what does soggy mean if you haven’t that word before. 

Well, soggy means something which is soft and wet. So soggy biscuit basically means biscuit has become soft and is wet.

But that’s not it, there is more into that in the adult world.

I’m sure, you would have got a slight idea of what might happen during a soggy biscuit game. So let us explain.

Soggy biscuit which is also being referred to as Jizzcuit is basically a jerk-off or masturbation game that is played by young teenage guys. 

In this soggy biscuit game, all the guys will surround themselves in a circle and a biscuit will be kept in the center. 

The biscuit can be kept on the floor or inside a bowl.

Now all the guys will start masturbating at the same time and everyone will ejaculate on the biscuit and the last person to ejaculate has to eat the biscuit!!

Wait, did you just say what the fuck? Even when I got to how it’s being played I was also in the same shocked/wtf moment as you 😀

The first person to ejaculate is considered as the winner and the last person to ejaculate will get the loser tag along with a nice biscuit filled with cums to eat.

Anyways, that’s what a soggy biscuit game is all about.

Where did soggy biscuit originate?

Well, there isn’t any particular proof from where the soggy biscuit came from. But according to some resources it originated in Australia and was also being played in Britain, united states.

It was being played by high school and college students and not sure if it’s still being played. Some Redditors say they have seen it or experienced and some say it was just a myth and never really happened.

But surprisingly, there is also a Soggy biscuit kindle which sells for $3 on Amazon. LOL

If you are so eager to watch a soggy biscuit game, then check this video https://www.xvideos.com/video22025349/soggy_biscuit_or_ookie_cookie_between_firends by xvideos where 2 men are involved in the soggy biscuit game and the loser will eat the bread!

Who Would Love a Soggy Biscuit Game?

In the porn world, gays would love to perform soggy biscuit game. There are already a lot of gay eating videos on porn sites and if you guys are gay and love eating cum then you would love this game! It will enhance your cum eating experience.

As cum eating is a common fetish in the porn world, mixing cum with biscuits will make your experience more exciting!

Final Words

If you think you are the king of masturbation and can cum quickly then go for the soggy biscuit game or else you know the consequences!

And if you are gay and love to eat cum, then why not try out a soggy biscuit game?

Hope from this article you got to know a lot of things about the soggy biscuit.

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