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What Is Mating Press? Mating Press Sex Position

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 03:22 am

There are lots of sex positions. If you search in Google, many articles will enlighten you with different varieties of sex positions. And mating press is one among them.

In this article, we shall go through what is mating press, how to do it, and more.

What is Mating Press?

In mating press, the guy will be on top of the girl while they are having sex. The girl’s legs will be up and her knees will be pointing close to her head. This sex position will help the guy for deeper penetration.

It is usually seen in the hentai and Japanese porn videos. Check the below tweet.

This sex position will make the woman uncomfortable especially if she is not flexible. It will be very much exhausting and straining for a woman to be in that position for a long time.

As this sex position will help for deeper penetration, chances are your sperm will enter the egg to fertilize it. So that’s why this sex position is named as Mating press. 

Mating press sex position is known as a missionary sex position. So now you might ask what is missionary sex?

In a missionary sex position, the man will be on top and the woman is on the bottom. There are various different types of missionary sex position variations. 

You can check this article from cosmopolitan where they have written an article on the best positions to try for missionary sex.

Even though it is a missionary sex position it can be mainly seen in hentai porn videos.

Jump into pornhub and search for mating press and you’ll come to know how it’s done practically. 

It’s a very good sex position to go deeper but if you don’t get an orgasm soon you’ll start feeling strain because of this position.

Where Can You Watch Mating press Porn Videos?

You can find mating press porn videos in most of the popular porn tubes. There are a lot of GIFs related to mating pose porn which you can check out here and also here

Also, there is a dedicated subreddit only for mating press sexual position porn videos. If you are interested in watching and love this sex position then you can follow this subreddit

The content related to mating sex postion is updated daily on that subreddit. You can find both hentai and normal mating press porn.

Also, check this Reddit discussion about reverse mating press

Do Girls Like Mating Press?

Well, for this first you need to explain to your girl what mating press is and then if she agrees to do then you’ll know after the mating press sex whether your girl likes this position or not.

I tried this with my girl (only once though) as she quite dint like it. For some girls, this position might get real uncomfortable and for some other girls it will feel good as you will be able to go deep inside her (Which is a good feeling indeed!)

Is it Safe to Perform Mating Press Sex?

The mating press sex position is safe to perform but make sure you are not hurting your partner. If she gets uncomfortable doing this and asks you to stop then stop right away and go for other sex positions. 

If you want to try mating position in real life be careful and don’t push her legs too far as it might result in a lot of pain! So be very cautious if you want to try this out!

For thin people, it would be easy to do mating press but for others, it would be a real hustle to stretch their legs and to be in that position for a long time. I would suggest a discussion with people who have already done mating sex positions or with any sexual health expert would be wise.

It’s not necessary that you have to consult anybody but as a token of caution, you might need some friendly advice before you go with the mating press.

Please read this subreddit thread in which a woman has described how having a mating pose sex position with her boyfriend resulted in admitting to the hospital. Not telling you that you shouldn’t try this sex position but just be aware of the consequences it might have! Not every sex position is fun and adventure.

Final Talk

Mating press videos look good to watch but definitely not an easy sex position. We hope you came to know what is mating position. If you are ready for this adventurous ride, then it’s time to do some mating with the mating press. But be careful, you might end up being a parent! LOL.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this hottest sex position?

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