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What is Triple Penetration? How is it Done?

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:43 pm

Penises everywhere!! Well, that’s what triple penetration is all about.

If you haven’t heard about Double penetration, then first you need to check out what is double penetration.

What is Triple Penetration?

In triple penetration, there will be 3 men (because as the name suggests triple, so 3 dicks need to be penetrated) and a single woman.

Usually, in triple penetration, the woman will be penetrated with 3 dicks through her ass hole, vagina, and to her mouth. So this type of sexual intercourse is known as triple penetration.

But there are other ways too through which triple penetration can take place. 

2 dicks into the vagina and one dick into the mouth

2 dicks into the mouth and one dick into the vagina/anal

1 dick into the mouth and 2 dildos inside the vagina

1 dick into the mouth, 1 dick to vagina/anal, 1 dildo into anal/vagina

Sometimes all 3 dicks into the vagina itself

So, as you see there are various ways through which triple penetration fetish can be performed.

Once the triple penetration is done, the 3 men will take their dicks on their hands and cum all over the body of the woman and she loves it.

And if you think triple penetration is done only by 3 men and one woman, then you are wrong. This porn fantasy is a lot popular in the gay world as well.

There are a lot of gay triple penetration videos you can find on tube sites such as Pornhub, xvideos, thegay, etc

Triple penetration gives a lot of pleasure when the dicks enter into all your holes and it is a kind of heavenly feeling for some!

Is Triple Penetration Safe to do?

Many females find this sexual fetish as a satisfying feeling

But it is important that you make the women comfortable while performing triple penetration. Even though she might feel pleasure doing this she might get uncomfortable at the same time. 

The female who is willing to perform this must be physically strong and have the willingness to do it.

This act must be performed gently and guys usually have the tendency to go hard but it’s important for them to take it in a gentle way.

You can only see triple penetration in porn movies and in real life, Nah it wouldn’t happen!

If you love watching triple penetration porn, you can check this subreddit which talks about triple penetration and shares triple penetration related videos.

Fetish Talk

Triple penetration is all about penetrating your dick into every hole where your dick can go inside. Some females say, more cocks = more pleasure!

Hope you came to know what triple penetration means and why people love doing it.

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