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What is a CFNM Party? What Happens During a CFNM Party?

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There are many different varieties of sex parties and CFNM party is one among them!

Before knowing what is a CFNM party you must know what does CFNM means. If you are not aware of what CFNM means then check this article first.

In short, CFNM stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male. If you are hearing this for the first time then yeah you heard it right.

So What is a CFNM Party?

Let’s try to understand what is a CFNM party, is it real, where does it even happen, and everything about the CFNM party.

As the CFNM full form says, clothed females will be having parties and fun with naked males. 

In CFNM parties females will be in full control of the party and they are the ones having a lot of fun compared to males as males will be naked and dominated by females.

How Common is the CFNM Party?

For some countries, these CFNM parties may feel weird and uncommon. In countries like the US, UK, and European countries also it’s not that common but it does happen.

The CFNM videos you watch on porn sites are performed by professionals and if you visit any porn site you’ll find a good number of CFNM videos.

There are thousands of CFNM videos but that doesn’t mean it happens in the real world. I’m not saying that it won’t happen but it’s pretty rare. It’s really exciting to watch CFNM party videos.

But it looks like many have attended the CFNM parties because there are a lot of Redditors who discuss about the same. Check the below 2 discussions from the Reddit:

Discussion 1

Discussion 2

Many people who have experienced a these parties share their experiences in Quora as well.

Different types of CFNM parties include the CFNM tea party, CFNM bachelorette (hen) party, CNFM office party, CFNM sex party, CFNM pool party, cruelty CFNM party, CFNM parties on the beach, etc

What Exactly Happens at a CFNM Party?

The first thing you need to know is that a CFNM party is not a sex party. That means 90% of the time sex won’t be involved in a CFNM party.

In a CFNM party, men will be completely naked and they must obey women’s commands and whatever they say.

Men are present for the sole purpose of Women’s enjoyment. Females have the right to tease men, torture them, make them jerk off in front of them, order them to serve drinks, snacks, etc

Males won’t be having any right to touch females without their concern. Women can slap men, make them kiss their feet, give a foot massage, etc. In Some CFNM parties, there are rules like men won’t be allowed to touch their own penis. And if they do touch their penis before the party ends, their ass will be spanked.

Sometimes males will be held with a chastity cock cage so that their dick doesn’t get hard. With so many beautiful ladies around with lovely clothes, it’s so easy for a man’s dick to get hard. So a cock cage will help to control that.

So basically CFNM party is a female-dominated party.

There are many CFNM agencies out there. You can send them an application and you can be a part of the CFNM party! 

There will be a list of CFNM rules like what you need to do and what you shouldn’t. Rules will be there for both males and females. Also, check these rules which are listed by a Reddit member. She has pointed out some really cool and interesting CFNM rules that sounds really interesting!!

Many men get turned on by watching CFNM videos and consider it as a fetish.

CFNM Punishment Idea

Below are some cool punishment ideas for ladies to give to their naked males during the party.

Punishment if the Penis Gets Hard

Say the males that their dick should never get erected and hard. The one who gets hard, punish them with spanking their ass or making them lick your feet.

Punishment if the Penis Gets Soft

This can also be a great punishment idea. Punish the males if their dick gets soft during the entire party. If the dick gets soft punish them with whatever you like slapping their face or facesitting for example.

These are just 2 examples of CFNM punishments. If you are planning for a CFNM party sit together with your girls, brainstorm and come up with some crazy punishments ideas!


CNFM parties are heaven to watch just because male subjects are controlled by females. The people who love femdom will definitely love CFNM parties!

I wouldn’t say that everyone would love CFNM parties but there are a lot of people out there who think it’s really crazy and interesting.

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