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Can You Rebuild A Broken Relationship?

If you have found that your relationship is in trouble, don’t worry, you are not alone. If you want to recover from a broken relationship with your significant other, go back to the beginning and start again, moving forward.

Think back – what made your partner attractive to you in the first place? Think back to the early days and remember the intensity and passion you had — and reclaim it, as you had it in those first moments.

What were those early times like? Were you simply “going with the flow,” or were you building a firm foundation for the future? Those initial passions can indeed fade.

You can have the promise of a long-term relationship only if you continue to pay attention to each other, work on having mutual interests together, having respect for each other, and communicating well on a daily basis, involving the two of you as a couple.

Don’t fall into the trap of continuing in a relationship only because there’s “nothing better to do.” That’s a sad way to let things continue.

Remember, though, that your relationship isn’t over until you’ve given up. As long as you’re together, you can have the possibility to rebuild a broken relationship, with these few steps.

All long-term relationships that are also fruitful have some common themes. These couples have certainly experienced initial attraction and falling in love, have continued beyond that. The initial passion grows into true love, including all of each others faults, lumps, bumps and warts.

NOTE: There’s a difference between falling in love and being in love. Falling in love is a physical and emotional response to that initial attraction that’s so exciting. 

Being in love, however, takes conscious affection that’s fed by appreciation, familiarity, good communication, and respect for each other.

Always have a positive attitude about your significant other. He or she certainly has warts and scars, but so do you. 

The inner person is what counts. See each other in a positive light, and talk about each other and in a positive manner. It’s simple courtesy, of course, but it’s also contagious.

We all have positive and negative traits, of course, and it may be helpful for each of you to sit down and write out the positive and negative things about each other. 

Then, compare your list with each other and see what you come up with. (Remember to do this in a positive and supportive manner, not one of negativity and attacking.)

 As you go through the list, you can each commit to each other that you’ll change as many of the negatives about yourselves as you can, with communication always key. Good communication is always the foundation for any solid partnership.

Commit to each other that you’re going to share mutual interests and activities. Do a hobby together, work out together at the gym, practice your faith by going to religious services together, or share time with friends and family together.

Your relationship should be joyful for both of you. The quality of the relationship is contingent upon how well it meets both your needs and those of your partner.


These things can help your rebuild a broken relationship, if you follow them, you’ll see that you and your partner will have a good relationship with lasting, fulfilling, love and joy for others to see — indeed, it may provide encouragement to others that good relationships can indeed last.

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