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Best Advice For Someone Going Through A Breakup!

Being in love is an amazing experience. People often find that they feel more alive, younger and energetic when they are in love. 

However, once a relationship ends there can be pain associated with the loss.  The pain resulting from this loss is often referred to as a broken heart.

We call this pain a broken heart mainly because it is often associated with love. Having this love taken away causes us to feel as if our heart has been broken. 

At this stage we want to concentrate on how healing a broken heart can be done and start looking for breakup advice. There are many strategies but we’ll concentrate on time, counseling and finding a new love.


Time may not be the fastest method but there is some truth to the saying that time heals all wounds. 

When you are involved in a relationship your heart and emotions are engaged, the feelings are reinforced each time you are with the one you love. 

The memories you have of your love help to strengthen your feelings even when you are not with them.

Time is a critical component and often talked about when given breakup advice. As time passes the power and strength of your memories will tend to get weaker, even though you may always retain the memory of your love. 

The pain will eventually weaken but may take weeks, months or years.


Seeking the advice of a counselor can be an effective and proven method for healing a broken heart. Usually a counseling session involves the person who is suffering from the emotional pain and a counselor. 

Instead of allowing these emotions and pain to remain bottled up, a counselor will help to treat them by encouraging you to share your feelings.

A good counselor will have both education and experience in order to help their client through this process. 

The environment should feel open and safe during the session so you can share you feelings worry about being criticized or judged. To start healing a broken heart, the process of sharing your feelings is important.

Find a New Love

Healing a broken heart can begin by jumping back on the horse. Basically this means that you should get back in the mainstream of social interaction rather than hiding out at home.

Remember that this does not mean you are going out to find someone to fill the emotional void. All that this says is that to start healing a broken heart, don’t shy away from dating.

By starting to date sooner, rather than later, you can enhance how quickly your broken heart heals!

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