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How To Win Your Wife Back After Divorce

Should you find that your relationship ended with a divorce, this doesn’t mean it is permanently over. 

If you give it time and persistence along with a little willingness to take the actions needed you will begin to improve and build back a relationship and perhaps win her back again.

As the process starts, take a moment to think of the reasons why you might try to win back your ex-wife. If you are able to identify the areas that things went wrong, and what you need to do to fix them, you might find your relationship is salvageable. 

This will also allow you to move forward with a clear conscience. If the relationship wasn’t healthy, or there was some trust issues, you might want to consider other alternatives to getting back with her.

Should you have a genuine want to win your wife back, the following steps will prove to be beneficial:

Allow her to know your feelings. If you want the slightest chance of getting her back, you need to let her know all of your intentions and why you feel you can rebuild the love that you once had. You should state your case, and give ways you plan on getting the relationship back on track.

Man up and accept your mistakes. Even if you feel your ex-wife is to blame for the breakup. Every relationship is based on the actions of two people. 

When they don’t work anymore, it is because of both parties actions. Be willing to state you had mistakes and that you want to work on them.

Be willing to listen, and you might learn she isn’t wanting to get back together, but will give you all the reasons why you didn’t make it. But you might also find she has every desire to get back with you.

 No matter what she has to say open your ears and let her be heard. Either way what she says will prove vital to the healing process, don’t get defensive and understand what she is telling you.

Allow her to take some time to get past this incident. She might want to think things over, and if you push her into it, she’ll have regrets. 

You don’t need to try and woo her at that initial moment, while these gestures might impress her at another time, they could be considered annoying in this moment and put a wedge between the both of you.

One of the most important things you can do is work on who you are. This is a great way to win your wife back because she will see you want to become a better person. 

Make personal changes that are positive and turn you into a better person. Never try to change her, instead let her make changes by seeing your positive approach.

Go slow during the process. Even if she doesn’t want to do this, you might be able to repair the relationship, but it won’t happen overnight. Go through the issues you both had and work them out. 

Try going on dates and spending time together. You will soon find the love and passion you thought was gone for good.

Should you find that this still doesn’t help win your wife back it could help you to bring the closure you need. An effort will allow you to find a place to end the relationship that the court system didn’t allow. 

State your feelings and let her know how you feel and become more comfortable in who you are. If all else fails this can be attractive to someone else, if not your own ex-wife.


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