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What is CMNF? CMNF Meaning in Porn

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:42 pm

If you are asking what is CMNF then I’m pretty sure you have already heard about CFNM. 

Well, CMNF stands for Clothed Male, Naked Female whereas CFNM stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male.

The searches for CFNM porn are a lot more than the people who are searching for CMNF porn. 

There are only 15M search results for CMNF whereas CFNM has an enormous 185M results.

It looks like most people around the world are interested in watching a male naked in front of females rather than a female naked in front of a male.

Trust me even I love CFNM. But in this article, we are going to discuss about what is CMNF and what happens during a CMNF porn.

Check what is CFNM and more about it if you haven’t heard about CFNM before.

What is CMNF?

As the full form says, in CMNF sexual scenes male will be clothed and the female will be completely naked.

CMNF is opposite of CFNM. In CMNF male will be dominant and the female will be submissive. A female has to listen to what the male says or orders her to do.

You might have seen these scenes in the popular erotic movies as a fetish role-playing scene. 

You can find such scenes at erotic strip clubs in most parts of the world. Female strip clubs are pretty common around the world but male strip clubs, hmm not so common.

Female strip clubs are kind of more related to porn rather than entertainment. In male strip clubs, it’s mostly all about the entertainment that females want to have with their girlfriends.

Let’s be honest here, men always love to watch beautiful women naked. 

In CMNF parties, it will mostly result in having sex whereas, in CFNM parties, the ladies just want to enjoy with their friends and sometimes dominate and torture the males.

CMNF Resources

If you love watching CMNF kind of videos then I suggest you to check out this website which has photos, videos, and stories only related to CMNF where women are embarrassed in front of males.

The website has a forum as well where you can discuss CMNF related things.

Further, you can check the below 2 subreddits which is solely dedicated to CMNF. You will find videos, photos of nude girls, discussions, etc. You can check the all time top and you’ll love it!

Final Talk

People love more CFNM than CMNF and that’s the truth. CMNF porn can be considered as a fetish but I would say it rarely happens in the real world except in the porno world. But yes in femdom scenes, male will be naked most of the time!

Hope you came to know what is CMNF fetish and what happens during CFNM parties.

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