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What is a Beaver Bong? How is Beaver Bong Performed?

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:41 pm

There are a lot of weird sexual fetishes in the porn world and no doubt beaver bong is definitely one of them. So let’s check out what this thing even means and how is it done.

What is a Beaver Bong?

Beaver bong is also known as pussy bong or vagina bong. There is also a website known as which is registered in 2003 so I’m guessing this term is being used since then or even before!

Before understanding beaver bong let’s understand the meaning of beaver and bong.

Beaver is a term that is used to describe the vagina of women. You can basically say it as vulgar slang used for vagina.

So now what does bong mean?  A bong is basically a water pipe that is used for smoking especially marijuana. 

So now you know what these 2 words mean, I’m pretty sure you have guessed what happens during a beaver bong or pussy bong. If not, let me enlighten you.

How is Beaver Bong Performed?

In Beaver bong, a water pipe with holes at both ends will be inserted into the women’s vagina and then water is added to it. 

Now the drug tablets or cannabis or THC pills are inserted into the side portion of the pipe and then it is lit up so that the other person can start smoking.

So that’s what Beaver Bong means.

There are few porn terms that you wouldn’t know without actually visually watching it. And beaver bong is one among them. You can’t make out what a beaver bong might mean just by imagining.

Check these videos from xvideos and Pornhub and you’ll come to know what exactly is a beaver bong and how is it done!

Is it Safe to do Beaver Bong?

This thing looks weird but also cool at the same time but anyways if people like it they’ll do it no matter what. 

But doing this kind of weird thing with your partner will require some precautions to be taken.

Yeah, it’s safe unless you don’t make things complicated or are not aware of what you are doing. 

Make sure her pussy is clean shaved or else when you light up the marijuana her pussy hair might get fired up! So beware of it.

Make sure the water pipe which is being used is soft and doesn’t have any scratches because it has to enter into the vagina for performing beaver bong.

Also, the smoke will pass inside her vagina as well which might then cause health issues. So think about that as well before performing beaver bong!

Also, make sure you both are absolutely okay doing this thing.

Final Takeaway

There is no better feeling than getting high and having sex! I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with that.

Sexual fantasies give a lot of pleasure. Beaver bong is one such thing that can be a great sexual fetish and when performed right it will give pleasure to both, the one who is smoking and also to the female partner who is inserted with a bong!

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