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What is Financial Domination? What is a Findom Fetish

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:41 pm

Do you love to spend money on a dominatrix so that you can get humiliated by them? Then you are into financial domination fetish.

In this article, we shall look into what financial domination is and all about it.

What is Financial Domination?

Financial domination is nothing but a fetish that a man possesses. Financial domination fetish or FinDom is a part of BDSM. 

Findom is when a man gives away his money to a dominant woman so that she humiliates him and takes control of him.

In financial domination fetish, usually there won’t be any sexual activity. It just involves a dominant mistress humiliating a money slave.

The male will be submissive and he will be called as a human ATM, human piggy cash, pay pigs, etc.

One thing you need to know about financial domination is that the male who gives money to the female dominant doesn’t mean that the female will be sleeping with the man because there won’t be any kind of sex involved in this fetish.

Financial domination usually takes place through online communication and the female will be dominating the man online in exchange for money!

It’s like a man begging a dominatrix to take their money. So who wouldn’t want such easy money? You don’t even have to have sex or even touch their body to get money!

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online for a female. Out of all the fetishes out there, findom is the most expensive fetish!

Financial dominatrixes are making some crazy easy money. If you want to become one you can try it out. Men who love to get abused by pretty females love this fetish.

If you want to become a financial dominatrix and make some easy money online then you can check this guide which has some pretty good info on how to become a financial dominatrix.

You just have to humiliate your fans or slaves to make money!

Some Best Findom Websites/Communities 

Some of the best websites to start your findom work to make money and the resources related to findom for more knowledge on the same.









Findom Talk

Financial domination fetish can become very addictive and if you are not in control of this fetish you may end up losing all your hard-earned life savings.

Now that you have come to know what financial domination is, you probably be like “I can’t believe this shit is real ”. But the shit is real, it’s a rare fetish that a money slave has!

Hope you came to know what is financial domination and why some men like findom.

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