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Tracy’s Dog Sex Toys Featured in New Comedy Special by Deon Cole

This new stand-up comedy special from Deon Cole is fantastic. As he delved into his routine, he engaged the crowd and made everyone laugh.

 Although, we expected as much. Deon’s a funny guy. But his new set of jokes. Especially the ones about Tracy’s Dog sex toys is what left everybody howling and hollering.

 The audience screamed with approval when he mentioned Tracy’s Dog. Do not worry, if you’re unaware, he’ll make you aware: “Don’t forget to put it in your phone…before you forget it,” he tells the audience, grinning widely.

 Read on to learn more about Deon Cole’s new comedy special “Charleen’s Boy” and his jokes about Tracy’s Dog sex toys.

The Life and Times of Deon Cole

Deon Cole has been doing standup comedy for over fifteen years. In addition to his appearances on Black-ish and Grown-ish, he has also starred in films such as Barbershop and The Harder They Fall. His new stand-up special, Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy, reunites him with the stand-up stage once again.

Cole is also approaching a pivotal milestone in his life – middle age. And as a man in his early 50s, he’s faced with many new things that he doesn’t really understand.

Deon talks about the modern age phenomena in his latest special, everything from social media to sex toys. But he also makes sure to talk about the importance of being a gentleman through it all.

Deon’s Mother is the Inspiration Behind Charleen’s Boy

The stand-up comedy special was filmed before Deon Cole’s mother passed away. Her influence on him was immense.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, Cole was left almost entirely without a family. He also did not have a father as a child. In honor of Charleen’s death, Deon titled this special after her. “That shit devastated me, and I’ve been f—ed up ever since,” Deon says.

Cole is aware that most people his age (50 and over) have lost a parent or loved one because of the pandemic, just like he has. He knows what we all know: time is precious, and we should not waste it.

How Did Charleen’s Boy Become So Popular?

“What’s up, Brooklyn? How y’all feeling?” Says Deon and the New York crowd erupts in excitement! Everybody in the audience seemed to be enthralled by the comedian’s comedic chops, no matter how raunchy the jokes got. And they definitely did!

“Don’t get in your emotions, this is still jokes. Stay with me, motherfucker.”

There’s nothing better than watching Cole crack some jokes. It’s great to see him tell jokes on stage without getting political. Every punchline is great. You’ll love stand-up again as this special seems almost timeless.

Aside from Deon’s comedic chops, this special has gone viral on different social media platforms. It’s available on Netflix but has some snippets on Tik Tok, Twitter and Facebook.

The special’s talking points have been posted on Tik Tok and are being viewed by countless fans and newcomers. As an example, his newfound appreciation for Tracy’s Dog sex toys is a funny take on modern vibrators, helping him deal with middle-aged sex.

Deon Is Shocked by the Latest Sex Toys

There is no better comedy than comedians making fun of people, even if it is raunchy. Cole’s jokes cover everything from sex toys to having sex as you grow up to not wanting to cuddle.

Sometimes, after a blistering joke the crowd might be thinking to themselves “That’s not me”, and right away, Cole assures them, “That’s you”.

Speaking of raunchy jokes, Cole’s fascination with Tracy’s Dog sex toys is hilarious, and the crowd seems to agree!

He starts off by talking about how new sex toys allowed him to ease into having sex as a middle-aged man. “Got that same rabbit tongue… wand… bullet… It ain’t even a bullet no more. It’s a slingshot. Upgrade your shit… Some of your sex toys are older than your kids.”

Afterwards, Deon says that sex toys are helping him out since he is not as physically fit as he once was. When a relationship is struggling, it may be a good idea to introduce a toy. “Men change too. We used to fuck like young adults, but those days are long gone. Shit, sometimes, we don’t even be thinking about fucking like that, though.”

How Does Deon Cole Feel About Sex Toys?

The crowd starts laughing in a whole new way after Deon starts describing Tracy’s Dog sex toys. Maybe Tracy’s Dog’s brand new Rose Toy has already caught their attention?

“Tracy’s Dog, this motherfucker is serious, you hear me?” he shouts to the crowd as he laughs himself to tears along with their cheers.

In the follow-up, he tells us how one of his family members views Tracy’s Dog toys. You’re in for a treat! “Our little testimonial holler is right there. My son’s mother, she said, “I can’t keep that motherfucker in the house because I ain’t getting any shit done with it in there, alright? Can’t get shit done with that motherfucker in there.”

“This motherfucker is 50 fucking dollars, you hear me?” Also, this instrument takes the form of a U, right? And on top, there’s this sucking mechanism that goes right on the clit. All it does is just sucks” explains Deon as he acts out how the sex toy works.

Deon Cole’s advocacy for sex toys has been a pleasant surprise and was not expected.

Deon Cole Is Impressed by Tracy’s Dog!

“Ten speeds of sucking on this motherfucker. This bitch will collapse your forehead, I promise you”, it is safe to say that Tracy’s Dog has truly impressed Deon.

As he continues to talk to the women in the audience, Deon repeats Tracy’s Dog six times in rapid, frantic succession to make sure they don’t forget what the product is called.

The joke concludes with Deon saying that women will secretly be trying to get Tracy’s Dog toys, even if they don’t seem interested. “You out there with your man. Your man’s like, “You don’t need that shit.” “You’re right, Daddy.” “Tracy’s Dog, Tracy’s Dog, Tracy’s Dog…”

How Good are Tracy’s Dog Sex Toys?

The stand-up comedy legend Deon Cole has been popular with women for many years, so you know he really means it when he says a sex toy is legit. Tracy’s Dog’s sex products are of the same quality – they leave everyone happy.

With the mission of empowering self-love and sexual expression, Tracy’s Dog makes mind-blowing sex toys that obey your commands.

Aside from Tracy’s Dog’s famous Sucking Vibrator, the sex toy shop offers a variety of fun products. Deon points out that their catalog is always updated to suit customers’ needs.

If a dog is a person’s best friend, Tracy’s Dog’s mission is to be that friend. Innovating features and responsive interfaces invite adults to discover higher levels of bliss in their collection.

As a Conclusion

At the end of the day, Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy is one of those specials that can be enjoyed without any reservations beforehand and can be enjoyed independently or with friends. Find out more about Deon Cole’s new special and catch some more hilarious jokes about Tracy’s dog here!

Deon’s Tracy’s Dog jokes have already become legendary on TikTok. Who knows, maybe there is some truth behind his jokes? Tracy’s Dog seemed to be well known to many listeners from Deon’s crowd.

“There’s some new shit out there right now called, Tracy’s Dog” Deon says as the crowd cheers enthusiastically. Charleen’s Boy by Deon Cole is a hilariously dirty show!

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