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How To Tell If Your Marriage Is In Trouble? [Know These Things]

You’ll find that when you and your spouse are busy with your everyday activities or other obligations such as your children, your job and household maintenance that your marriage will often take a backseat and that you’ll barely have time to speak to each other. 

Many do find some time but often after a stressful day you’ll do nothing but argue. Many couples that are facing this problem and very worried that they have marriage trouble.

Just because you and your spouse are going through a period of time were you seem to do nothing but fight that really doesn’t mean that you have marriage disagreements. If you are at all concerned it may be a good indication that you should have a discussion with your spouse.

How To Tell If Your Marriage Is In Trouble

If you are at all worried that you and your spouse are having trouble or already having trouble you’ll find that there are some very clear signs that can help determine if the marriage is in trouble.  The signs include the following:

If there is a lack of desire to be spending time together this can indicate that there may be some marriage problems. 

When both you and your spouse have a lot of activities that fill up your everyday life to the point that you are not spending time together or you do not want to spend time together this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

If there’s any sense of resentment between you and your spouse this can also be a cause for concern. Resentment is a feeling that is never healthy in a marriage. 

If either you or your spouse is feeling resentful in your marriage to the point of where you don’t seem to even like each other you have definitely have married trouble.

A lack of intimacy is another very clear sign you should be concerned about your marriage. 

While not being intimate on a daily basis doesn’t doesn’t mean that the marriage is in trouble, a total lack of intimacy is often a clear signal that the marriage is failing. 

There’s really no marriage, no matter how long you’ve been married for, that doesn’t benefit from shared and intimate moments.

If you find that you and your spouse arguing often or more often than usual or you’re not even talking to each other, this is a sign that your marriage is in trouble. 

All healthy marriages should have very strong sense that both spouses can have open and safe communication.

If you and your spouse choose to look into your marriage and come to the conclusion that your marriage may need some help there are ways to help save it. There are definite steps that you can take to help repair problems in your marriage.

Choosing to talk to each other is a very simple and easy way to try and repair any damage that may have been done in your marriage. 

Both you and your spouse need to be very open with each other and both be able to discuss any problems you feel you are having. 

The person you married to deserve to know how you really feel and you deserve the same from the person that you’re married to.

When you and your spouse talk, remember that both of you need to be respectful of each others feelings. 

You both need to avoid arguing with each other or being upset with each other. It is really important that to try to work together and come to a resolution for any problems that you’re having.

If you’re finding that attempts to communicate are turning out to be very successful, than you need to make sure that both you and your spouse are taking more time to spend time together to work on your marriage. Even if both your lives and very busy all couples need to spend time together.

Even if both you and your spouse just decide to spend one night alone together every couple weeks or so it’s really better than nothing. 

In the time that you choose to spend alone together you both can really regain a better sense of appreciation for your marriage.


If you find that your relationship definitely has signs of marriage trouble, don’t worry, it doesn’t always mean that it is ending. 

If you and your spouse take action and agree to work together on your problems you’ll find that you will have a healthy relationship and you will be able to move past the marriage problems and enjoy each others company once again.

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