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5 Keys to a Successful Marriage [Read Them Now]

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Whether you are just thinking about proposing, were recently married for the first time, or have been married for many years, you can benefit from learning the top five solutions to a successful marriage. 

Read them now, put out a little effort to apply them in your relationship and you will increase your chances of living happily ever after:

5 Keys to a Successful Marriage 

First Key: Acceptance

Some people would list communication as the first of all keys to a successful marriage, but there is a good argument for putting acceptance at the top of the list. 

Acceptance means that you have looked at the flaws of a person and have come to the conclusion that you love them regardless. 

It means you aren’t idealizing them or seeing them through rose-colored glasses. You see them for who they are and accept the good with the bad.

If you don’t see and acknowledge the flaws in a person you will eventually hit a rough spot where they don’t seem like the person you fell in love with and this means trouble for the relationship.

Similarly, if you go into a marriage trying to change your spouse, your relationship will be in trouble when you realize they can’t be changed. This is why acceptance is one of the most important means to a successful marriage.

Second Key: Communication

You should be able to tell your spouse anything without worrying that they will lash out at you, belittle you, or punish you. 

Each of you should be able to talk freely, knowing the other person is going to listen and hear what you are saying rather than what they want you to be saying.

Communication is one of the most important keys to a successful marriage, but it is also one of the hardest things for a couple to master. Many people think their communication skills are top-notch when there are actually serious problems.

Third Key: Trust

How many times have you been in a relationship or stood by a friend in a relationship which lacked trust? It never works out in the end. 

If you cannot trust your partner, then step out of the relationship prior to saying “I do.” If you sense they don’t trust you, then you can guarantee it will become a breaking issue in the future.

Distrust can bring nothing but conflict and divorce!

Fourth Key: Respect

This is one of the secrets to a successful marriage that you can’t live without, but which you can’t force either. You either respect one another or you don’t, but if you don’t then the relationship is probably not going to withstand the tests of time.

Respect is something very simple that will prevent a lot of common relationship problems. Lies and infidelity are harder to commit when you have genuine respect for your partner.

Fifth Key: Commitment

Finally, you have to both be 100% committed to the relationship if it is going to survive into your elderly years. 

If you are committed to the relationship you will do what it takes to ensure its survival and that is what it takes to make a lifetime together. 

The level of commitment will make the difference between calling it quits when things get hard and enduring the pain that comes with a long marriage.

The Bottom Line!

There are other keys to a successful marriage that you will pick up on over time, but if you have these five things then you have a great chance of making it into old age hand in hand.

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