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How To Prevent Marriage Breakup? [5 Things To Look At]

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:33 pm

Are you and your spouse headed for a breakup, or have you already actually started the process? 

In some cases, it may be possible to stop a marriage breakup even once it has started, no matter whose fault it is, especially if you’re having reservations about breaking a partnership. 

As long as you and your spouse have the right attitude, practice the right actions, and experience a little luck, you may actually salvage a relationship – and make it better than it ever has been previously as well.

Before you dive headlong into stopping the divorce, though, take a look at why you want to. Where did things go wrong in your relationship? Are your motives to stop a divorce pure? Is the relationship worth salvaging? Sometimes it’s not, and you have to be honest about that.

If you decide that your marriage is worth trying to save and you want to prevent a marriage breakup, you can take the following steps:

How To Prevent Marriage Breakup [Steps]

Step 1 -Talk to Your Spouse – 

You can of course contest your divorce and therefore temporarily stall it, but a better bet is to try to communicate with your spouse. 

State that you want to try to stop the process of divorce and try to work things out. It may be that your spouse is not willing to do so, but you can at least discuss the possibility.

Step 2 – State Why You Think Divorce Isn’t a Good Idea – 

Once you know your spouse is listening, calmly, clearly and concisely state your case. Tell your spouse why you want to stop the divorce and try to work things out. 

State what you think needs to be done and what you’re willing to do to fix whatever is wrong with your marriage.

Step 3 – Listen – 

Give your spouse a chance to talk, too. Even if your spouse doesn’t want to reconcile, he or she may be able to give you some ideas that can improve your current circumstances.

Step 4 – Evaluate – 

After you present your case to stop a crumbling marriage, and you’ve listened to your spouse, reevaluate what you think based upon what your spouse has said. 

You may have gotten some valuable information about what you can do to fix the situation. If so, though, are you willing to do what your spouse wants?

If your spouse still wants to move forward with the divorce or has gone on to another relationship, or if there has been a history of abuse or violence, it may not be wise to try to reconcile. 

Although the adage “never say never” may apply, it’s also true that divorce can be a fresh start in these cases. If none of the above circumstances is true and reconciliation is possible, you can still make a fresh start and enjoy a new, healthy and happy relationship with your spouse.

Step 5 – Positive Action Is Key – 

If both you and your spouse agree that you can try to stop a marriage from falling apart and work together to rebuild the relationship, take positive action. Work together on issues that have come to light and if necessary, seek counseling.

Again, this is going to take time and effort. A relationship damaged enough to file for divorce is going to take time to repair, too. 

You’ll have ups and downs as you do so, but you can keep positive and keep working toward a healthy and fulfilling relationship for both of you.

If your spouse doesn’t want to stop the divorce, you can still focus positive action on yourself. It’s time to build your own better future. 

Stay positive, and work on building self-esteem. Take strength from lessons learned and find a new independence. In time, a new and healthy relationship may come along that will be happier and more fulfilling than anything previously experienced.

The Bottom Line

A lot of the time, you can stop a marriage breakup and create a better relationship. Even if that’s not possible, though, examining just how and why things went wrong is going to help you build a better life and possibly a new and loving relationship in the future.

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