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How To Win Your Ex Back – A True Story About How I Got My Ex Back

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Want to know the best way to win your ex back?

Chances are you feel like you’ve tried practically everything to win your ex back and you’re about ready to give up.

But for some reason you feel if you just do ONE MORE THING that could be the thing that makes all the difference – and you’ll have them back in your arms in no time.

It may seem impossible, your situation may be totally unique, but remember right now that there are actually proven ways to win your ex back – no matter why you broke up.

Yes, there are actually really effective ways that have gotten people back together.

In a hurry to get your ex back? Check out the step by step plan below:

Hi, I’m Karina and I have created this article so that I could tell you my personal story about how I got my ex back very quickly and how you can do the same too. 

Keep reading and you’ll learn the exact steps that you need to follow, today, to start to get your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife or husband back.

It’s much easier than you think. The thing is that because you’ve been so emotional you’ve let your emotions control your moves rather than your head.

I’m going to take care of that for you right now, okay

To win your ex back in the shortest time possible, you need to know what to do and more importantly right now what NOT to do as you go through your break up. 

You may think all you need to do is wave a magic wand and they’ll be back in your arms but the truth is you reallly need to understand and process more why your break up happened in the first place, what part you played, what hints you missed, and what you have to do on those lonely nights without the one you love.

8 Things You MUST STOP Doing Right Now To Win Your Ex Back Fast:

Chances are you have done some of these things already. And you know what, probably right after you did them you thought to yourself “WHY DID I DO THAT”. 

Before you do one more thing to try and get your love back you should know what these mistakes are so that you can actually stop pushing your ex away any further.

So let’s start…1 to 10.

1. Letting Your Ex Take Complete Control Of Your Life

You know, you both may not even be aware of this but this one can really drive you around the bed. 

Overanalyzing. I bet you spend practically every waking moment totally analyzing every facet of your relationship and everything that has happened since you’ve broken up. No doubt you’re driving your friends nuts constantly talking about it.

This is not going to help you at all and will only help you get stuck in the healing process.

2. Staying Friends

It may seem totally natural to you that if you stay friends that your ex will wake up one day and decide that you’re the one for them. 

But you know what, it can really do the opposite. You can actually get totally stuck in the friend zone which you can’t get out of.

My best tip is to give that one a miss — for now.

3. Bombarding Your Ex With Text Messages Day And Night

I’ve been there, remember. I know what it’s like. You don’t want your ex to ever stop thinking about you so day and night you’re sending them text messages that they may not one.

This is one of the worst things you can do because it will just drive them away. yes, they’ll be thinking about you but it won’t be pleasant thoughts and you don’t want that, do you?

4. Venting Via Email To Your Ex

I get it, you’re angry that they don’t want to be with you anymore and you want them to know that you’re angry.

This is a serious NO-NO because all it will do is actually reinforce in them that they made the right decision.

You’ll only make sure your ex will move on at lightning speed.

5. Firing Off Desperate Emails To Your Ex Declaring Undying Love

Now this one is going to seem almost stalkerish, okay. You think that if you tell them you love them often enough that they’ll just give up and let you love them close up rather than afar.

When you behave desperate you become super high maintenance (and particularly if you’re a guy this is a super turn off).

6. Ringing Or Drunk Dialling Your Ex 24/7

Ring, ring, why don’t you give me a call?

Ring, ring, why aren’t you returning my calls?

Ring, ring, who the hell are you with that you’re not returning my calls?

Ring, ring, I always knew you were two timing me you …

Yep that’s what happens all too easy when you start ringing your ex.

You start with good intentions.

They don’t call back or answer the phone and you start acting seriously KOOKY.

Then it becomes harassment and even a little scary.


7. Stalk – Stalk – Stalk

Okay, they’re not answering your calls so you think if they could just SEE you then they’ll remember all the happy times you had together.


All of a sudden you start appearing wherever they hang out. First it’s once a week, then it’s every day, then it’s a few times a day.

Then you’re going to get a visit from someone in a uniform or with a straight jacket.

Trust me. It won’t look like a coincidence. It will look scary and that you need serious mental health.

It’s not a turn on.

8. Lending Your Ex Money

You think if I just lend them this money I’ll legitimately have a reason to contact them.

Sorry, but you’re not only setting yourself for a financial loss but you’re also setting yourself up for a financial fall.

Plus as soon as they know they have an automatic ATM on call they’ll be feeding you with lies, crap, doe eyes and crocodile tears to make you feel that you REALLY ARE special to them…if they can see some cash at the end of it.

Have some self respect and just don’t go there.

So Now That You Know What Not To Do — What SHOULD You Do To Get Your Love Back?

Okay, I’ve mentioned eight mistakes, there are actually a lot more mistakes that you have probably made in trying to get them back.

Now you need to know what to do after a break up instead that will actually work.

Honestly, you need help with this and help from someone who knows what they’re talking about. You will always increase your chance of getting back together when you combine experience with careful study.

Read my story below to know exactly what I did and what you should do too.

Continue Reading…

My boyfriend, now husband, and I met actually on the internet and became friends very quickly and became involved not much longer down the track. We had the same values and interests and I could see a long term relationship with him.

But as soon as I started falling in love more deeply with him I noticed some changes in our relationship and how he treated me. After seeing one another a few times a week something really painful happened.

I hadn’t heard from him in two weeks. Not a word. When I called him he promised he would return my call but he didn’t. I didn’t need to be Einstein to figure it out.

I wasn’t a priority to him anymore and he was trying to find out a way for me to figure it out without actually telling me that he didn’t want to be with me anymore.

When we finally did connect he told me he didn’t think he could have a serious relationship with me and didn’t want to continue seeing me.

My Right Attitude That Won Him Back:

I was really shell shocked and truly heartbroken but I was determined to win him back – because I could see the kind of future we would have if he only gave us a chance.

I started becoming obsessed with finding help online and one night, when I was falling asleep in front of the pc, I encoutered the Get Him Back Forever (Ex Boyfriend Guru).

Note: I obviously picked that one because I was wanting to win my boyfriend back. Of course if you want to get your girlfriend back then this is the right one for you — How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

This ex back guide is written by popular relationship guru Matt Hutson and has a heap of time tested and proven ways to get your ex boyfriend back, just like I did.

What I particularly loved about it was that it works for practically all break up situations, even if yours seems totally unique, and has been created especially for women.

Depending on your relationship and the reason why you feel you broke up, you will be given different ways to reconcile.

What Sold Me:

When my boyfriend broke it off with me I immediately went into desperation and panic mode and really wanted to beg and plead and totally convince him that he was making a big mistake. 

Because I had Get Him Back Forever to hand, I learnt I shouldn’t be doing it. I understood now that it would really just push him away.

I can honestly say that this book has everything I needed at the time, and for anyone interested in getting their ex boyfriend back.

Also there are extra techniques and methods to keep your relationship on track when you do get him back. This is why I love the guide so much because it helps get them back — and keep them too.

If You Really Want Your Ex Back Then Pay Careful Attention To This

You’ve probably spoken heaps about your break up to your friends and family members and they no doubt mean well and have probably recommended that you give up and move on.

You know, there is nothing wrong with wanting to get your relationship back. A lot of couples have a short break and come back even stronger than before.

This can be true for the two of you as well, as long as you follow the right advice on how to win them back.

I truly wish all the best at winning your ex back. Just have faith, be strong and don’t give up!!

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