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Tips To Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend [Win Her Back!]

When all you can think about is how to get back your ex girlfriend you have no choice but to take action. It consumes every aspect of your life, robs you of concentration and focus, and interferes with normal daily living. 

The only way to end the agony and move forward with peace in your life is to make an attempt at winning her back, but how do you do this?

There is no guaranteed answer to this question. There are a variety of factors that will determine exactly what you can do to attempt getting back your ex girlfriend. The first factor happens to be the reason for the break up.

What was it that brought the relationship to an end? Did she dump you after finding you kissing another girl or did you mutually call it quits? 

Did you end it on a bad vibe or was it a sad, sweet goodbye with tears and a hug? These details make a big difference in how you approach rekindling the flame now.

No matter what the facts were surrounding your break up, you can overcome the problems. 

You just have to find a way to return the relationship to the sentimental moments that brought you together in the first place. You fell in love once and now you just have to do it all over again.

The worst thing you can do is start begging her to come back to you or crying about how miserable you are without her. 

Women find this to be a huge sign of weakness and they detest weakness. Any respect that she had for you previously will be lost and you will have absolutely no power to call the shots as the relationship moves forward.

If you are dealing with a woman of great confidence and who is open to communication with you, ask her to meet you for dinner or lunch. 

Make sure to go somewhere that is relatively quiet and where you will be able to get some privacy and be able to hear one another talk easily.

If there is some bad blood or unresolved issues hanging in the air make an outright apology and ask to move on from those things. You want to focus on reminding her of the best times you had together and of how strong your relationship once was. You don’t want to go back over the sour points of the relationship.

Yet, don’t skimp over the fact that there are problems to be resolved. This is not the place to has them out in detail but you want stress that there is too much love between the two of you to just toss the relationship aside without trying to fix the problems. You want to work together to work it all out.

If you feel your ex will not be open to meeting you face-to-face consider asking a close friend to intervene on your behalf. Have them talk to your ex and say something along these lines:

“It’s so sad that you guys aren’t together anymore. I see the sadness in your eyes and I know that he really misses you and wants you back. I wish there were a way you could work it out and be happy again.”

If that one statement doesn’t open your ex up to talking to you again have your friend continue to make comments that remind her how strong the relationship once was. 

If your ex gives even the smallest hint that they may consider rekindling you should immediately call her up and make an attempt to meet.

Once you get the first “date” arranged make a detailed plan for how you will handle the interaction. The “ho hum formula” is a great strategy that can be applied in this situation. You want to go through the date or meeting in the following order:

  • Open with a statement that grabs her attention.
  • Let her know the purpose for the meeting.
  • Get into the details of what you want to tell her.
  • Reaffirm why you called the meeting and what you hope to accomplish.

Watch her response to your talk and ask to rekindle the love if you see any sign she is open to it. If she declines then you will need to figure out what is holding her back and come up with the next phase of your plan.

Final Thoughts!

Try to connect with her on a personal level and remind her how much you were in love before. In most cases this will get her at least slightly interested in giving it another shot and start you towards getting back your ex girlfriend.

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