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What is the Valedictorian Sex Position? Valedictorian Position Meaning [Explained]

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 03:21 am

Valedictorian sex position? Did you ask yourself, What the hell is this man? With all the fancy names of sex positions, Valedictorian sex position is one such name.

So wondering what is a Valedictorian position? It’s time to check out and do it!

What is the Valedictorian Sex Position?

Before checking out the meaning of Valedictorian Sex Position, first of all let’s understand what is Valedictorian word even means.

A Valedictorian is a person (basically a student) who gives a farewell speech and is the student who has achieved the highest grades in the graduating year.

The valedictorian position is only achieved by that student who has done remarkably extraordinary in academics. It’s an impressive honor and a pleasure to be a Valedictorian.

And we belive this sex position is named after a Valedictorian.

So you see the pleasure of being a Valedictorian? You can get the same pleasure with a Valedictorian sex position. 

Valedictorian sex position is one of those missionary sex positions which gives you ultimate pleasure, especially for women.

In this position, the woman will sleep on the bed with her back, and the man will lift both her legs and form a “V” like shape. Her legs will bend so much that it touches his shoulder and he can even able to kiss her lips and neck. He then puts his dick inside her and starts grinding.

When you have sex like this it’s known as a Valedictorian sex position!

Valedictorian Sex Position Benefits?

Deep Penetration

All missionary sex positions are meant for deep penetrations and this Valedictorian sex position without a second thought is one of the best to go even deeper. 

Most women love deeper penetration so that the penis can reach the cervix and they can have a cervical orgasm.

Eye Contact

The sex positions like doggy style, prone bone, etc don’t allow you have eye contact with your partner. Eye contact is really important during sex as a sexy eye contact between both can add up more pleasure and build the bond.

Best for Small Men

Valedictorian sex position can be best for men with a small or medium-sized dick as this position is the best way to go deep. If your woman is unsatisfied with you not being able to make her cum, then you should definitely try out Valedictorian position.

To Get Pregnant

As many of you already know, missionary positions are always the preferred one when you are desperate to get pregnant. Because with Valedictorian sex position the sperms can easily reach the cervix leading to pregnancy. 

So if you are worried about getting pregnant sex after sex, then your luck may just depend on this position!

Tip1: While having a Valedictorian sex position make sure you stay inside her and grind your dick instead of just thrusting in and out. (More pleasure guaranteed)

Tip 2: Move her legs slightly from time to time and try to make some variations because with some tweaks here and there will make her orgasm process easy!

Tip 3: As a woman, you can Grab your ankles during this position as it can help you with more stability.

Will Valedictorian Sex Position Hurt?

Trying out different sex positions can hurt a bit. But no hurt is bigger than pleasure, right? Well having a Valedictorian sex position can cause pain and stress for the woman as she has to lift her legs and be in that position until the intercourse gets over. Also, deep penetration can be painful sometimes.

It would be wise to have a consultation with your sexual health physician before you go with the act if you are worried about pain and the discomfort this sex position can cause.

Thoughts About Valedictorian!

This V shaped sex position can be super awesome especially if you are bored of normal positions. Hope you try out the Valedictorian Position during the next bedtime with your partner.

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