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What Is Prone Bone Sex Position? How To Have Prone Bone Sex?

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:40 pm

When it comes to boosting your bedroom performance there are lots of sex positions that can help you make an impact on how fast you can orgasm.

It would be boring to make the 2 sex nights the same with the same sex positions. Youngsters these days love to try out different sex positions that would give them different pleasure every fucking night.

And one of the guaranteed orgasm and missionary sex positions is the prone bone sex position. This article will take you through what is prone bone sex position and how to perform prone bone sex.

So are you ready to try out this new sex position? Then, let’s get started.

What Is Prone Bone Sex Position?

Before diving into prone bone sex position let’s understand the meaning of prone. Prone basically means lying flat on a surface(For example bed) with your stomach and face facing the surface.

And bone basically means sexual intercourse. So now you know what is prone and bone means, you would have got an idea bout the prone bone position.

In prone bone sex position, the girl lays flat on the bed with her hips raised and her stomach facing the bed and the guy inserts his dick into her vagina from behind.

If you have checked this prone bone sex in porn streaming sites, then you would know how incredibly hot it is.

It is kinda like a doggy style position, except that prone bone position gives way too much pleasure than the normal doggy style.

Prone bone sex position is also known as lazy doggy sex position.

How To Do Prone Bone Position?

Performing prone bone is easy. Make your woman lie on the bed with her stomach and then you from the back kneel down and start inserting your dick into her vagina very slowly.

Entering slowly will give a good amount of pleasure for you and obviously for her. So make sure you don’t rush on things.

Make sure she lies comfortably on the bed and there isn’t any hard objects on the bed. Also, make sure your bed is real soft which will add more to the pleasure.

Now slowly start thrusting and go harder if she loves it. Also, give soft spanks to her ass while performing prone bone sex (Ask her if she likes it, if not then there is no point in spanking)

Also, you can lean on her back with your dick still inside her vagina and be in that position for some time and trust me you both would absolutely love it.

You can also play slow sex music to add to the pleasure.

Prone bone position during sex can be real comforting especially for women when she is tired with the day’s work or if she is feeling sleepy, she can just sleep in the bed and your man will do the work.

But one thing that guys should focus while doing prone bone sex is that they should try not to cum fast because that would make your women disappointed and frustrated.

Tip: While you are thrusting with this position make sure you kiss her neck, nibble her ears and talk dirty.

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What is it so Good About Prone Bone Position?

Even though your women might not openly say it, but they love this position. It’s such a relaxing sex position especially for women.  Below are a few reasons to love prone bone sex position.

G-Spot Stimulation

With prone bone position, your dick can enter deep into the vagina and literally hitting the G spot. You must try this position if you are struggling with internal orgasms and prone bone would just give exactly what you need.

Highly Comfortable

When compared with doggy style women has to kneel and would cause strain on her legs if the intercourse goes for too long. But with prone bone sex position, it is unlikely that you would feel any strain whatsoever rather you would only feel out of the world pleasure!

It’s actually comfortable for both women and men.

For Anal

If you are into anal and love anal sex as well then the prone bone position would be the perfect position for it. No other position can beat prone bone when it comes to anal sex.

Nothing like prone bone pleasure

There are only a few sex positions that gives good pleasure and out of those prone bone comes in the top as well. 

To be honest, the prone bone position is highly underrated. When you try out prone bone you would know its magical pleasure that would drive you crazy as hell.

Tighter Vagina

This is particularly for men. Nothing feels good than entering your dick into the vagina which is tight. Prone bone sex position doesn’t make it easy for you to enter your dick as she will be sleeping flat on the bed and her ass will tighten up the vagina.

So entering your dick slowly into the tight vagina is a really good feeling.

You may be hearing about prone bone position for the very first time but tell you what it is already popular and people just love this sex position,

There is a dedicated subreddit just for prone bone sex and it has 417K members as of now.

If you love prone position during sex or if you haven’t yet experienced prone sex position, then you can join this subreddit where you can get lots of tips from experts, videos, images etc.

Check this discussion from the awesome people of reddit about what they think about Prone sex position and you probably get some real hints and tips from the people who already done it.

There is also this subreddit which just talks about prone bone anal sex position. If you are into anal, then you may want to join this subreddit.

Final Thoughts

The prone bone position is a great and relaxing way to make love. Dick rubbing the G spot is such a pleasurable and reotic feeling only ladies will understand.

If done great prone bone sex position can become your regaulr and favorite sex position.

Love deep penetration? Then prone bone missionary sex position is definetly for you!!

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