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Xbunker Forums – All The Premium Naughties are Here!

Last updated on March 1st, 2023 at 10:02 am

I don’t know if you have heard of this porn forum yet but just to start things with xbunker forums is a new porn forum that is driving more than 5M traffic a month!

I don’t know if I was leaving under a rock but I heard about xbunker forums very recently. I’ve heard about leakemup site but I don’t know if leakemup has anything to do with xbunker forums. Leakemup site aint working and it’s not even redirected.

So what exactly is this porn forum and why so many visitors land on this site? Let’s scan this out!

Xbunker Forums – What Is It?

When there is good porn there will be good leaky sites as well and that is what xbunker forums is all about.

It’s all porn leaks here and you will find unseen nudes of your favorite stars from various different platforms including social media.

There are thousands of fellas who have registered on xbunker forums and at a time there will be at least 3K to 5K people active. Now, this number is enough for you to tell how fucking popular this platform is.

And xbunker forum is not just filled with active members but it’s also a super engaging platform. People will be commenting on one or the other post nonstop. Talk about being busy!

Xbunker forum design is very simple. On the left-hand side, you’ll see all the forums, and on the right-hand side the list of members who are online, the latest posts, forum stats, and tags.

And speaking of xbunker forum statistics, they have fucking 1.3 Million registered members. Damn! It is even bigger than some of the popular NSFW Reddit communities!

Anyways, so what all things can be seen in xbunker forums? Let’s find out:

Useful Links

On the top of the xbunker forums, you will see the useful links that have 2 sections: News and community guidelines. 

So if you are first time landing on this forum then you better be reading their community guidelines or else get an instant ban on your ass as there are several things you can’t do on this forum! So, read all that shit first.


As I scrolled down, I saw a very interesting section known as promotions which includes verified models and self-promotion. 

So if you are a model then you can promote this section so that you get noticed by this huge forum and promote your shit. And to become a verifed model, you need to send a request to the xbunker forum mods.


Now, this is the main forum of xbunker forums and that’s why 90% of them are here for i.e to request the content that is otherwise not available for free. So, you can request all those onlyfans premium content which otherwise is hidden behind a paywall.

Just request by linking the onlyfans profile of the users and then hope that you will get to see that premium content that you have been craving for.

Social Media

Next up xbunker forums have the list of all the social media platforms including Instagram, youtube, twitch, TikTok, Reddit, etc where you can find all the naughty content that is being shared by models on their social profiles.

Fan Sites

Finally, the last section that I would like to mention on the xbunker forum is fan sites which of course includes OnlyFans and a few other fan sites including Fansly.

OnlyFans is the reason why xbunker forums have become very popular and it has 56K messages on more than 5.6K threads! Onlyfans forum is the highest active forum on the xbunker forums.

So if you are looking for those steamy premium content of your fav OF models then head over to xbunker forum and see if someone can get the content that you are looking for!

There are a few other threads as well that you may wanna check out such as Asians, general talk, xxx stories, etc. Xbunker forums have everything related to porn from sharing premium porn links to having general porn discussions!

Find Your Fav Content Easily!

Let’s say you are looking for only big boobs-related porn content then you can click on the big boobs option on the popular tag section provided on the sidebar of xbunker forums and you’ll see all the content related to big boobies!

Also, if you wanna check what’s trending on the xbunker forum then click on the trending option on the top menu and you’ll see what kind of porn people are actually into it!

Final Thoughts!

I’ve spent around 20mins on xbunker forums and I like all the content being shared here and how active the forum is. 

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say and if you are one of those guys who is looking for premium onlyfans content for free then a visit to xbunker forum may be worth your time!

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