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Pleasures AI Review – Create Unlimited Realistic AI Porn Images

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 10:30 am

On this website, I have reviewed and discussed a lot of AI porn generators and today I will be discussing about a realistic AI porn generator that has caught my attention.

The name of this AI porn generator is Pleasures AI and it launched very recently. This tool is only for generating realistic AI porn.

I will show you with prompt examples to check the quality of the images generated using this AI porn tool. So that being said, let’s find out whether can Pleasurize you! 

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Pleasures AI Review

Just a heads up before I dive into my review of this AI tool is strictly for the grown-ups in the room.

Well then, when you visit the official website of you will be greeted with some interesting realistic AI porn images that will make your cock rise from 3 inches to 6 inches instantly! homepage

Did it rise? No? Then there is something wrong with you lol. Just kidding. 

Best Features of

Now let’s take a look at what makes stand out in the world of hyper realistic AI porn tools.

Unlimited Generations

Unlike some other AI porn tools like Soulgen, lets you generate an unlimited amount of AI porn images for a flat monthly rate. This is something I really like about Pleasures AI because you can retake unlimited amount of times!

Custom Prompt

Not every AI porn tool offers custom prompt options and are just limited to default tags but with this tool you can have a custom prompt option to get the realistic AI porn image exactly how your heart desires!

4K Upscaled Images

Fed up with low quality AI porn images? Well, will get you 4K upscaled images and those nipples and pussies will look so damn realistic and high quality!

Generate Images Within 3 to 5 Seconds

I’m using for generating realistic AI porn and honestly speaking the generation time is super fast and within 5 seconds most of the time. Ans sometimes, when the traffic is high then it might take around 10 seconds to generate the image.

Plans Offered by

If you wanna try out then they’ve got 2 plans for ya. One is Gold tier plan priced at $19 per month and another is a Platinum tier plan priced at $27 per month. 

I’ve taken up their platinum plan solely because I need high quality AI porn images and I just love seeing babes in 4K quality! 

Plans Offered by

The above image shows the features of both plans and I know the platinum plan costs a little higher and you may hesitate to opt for it. 

But don’t worry, I’ve got a discount coupon if you are after the platinum tier plan. This code will work for both the plans and you can have 30% OFF for LIFETIME!

Discount Code: DCB5WU3

Furthermore, has partnered with Gumroad to handle payments so you don’t have to worry about the security of the payment.

Below image shows how the dashboard of Pleasures AI looks and as you can see on the left hand side that was the recent image I generated using this tool.

dashboard of Pleasures AI

Alright, now it’s time we take some examples and show you some of my generations from

Example 1: (beautiful blonde woman), (gorgeous woman), perfect face, expressive eyes, wide hips, wide shoulders, fit ab, perfect breasts, (nude portrait), (full body), centered, close up, confident, in the style of artgerm, vibrant colors and hard shadows and strong rim light, (comic cover art) 

Example 2: A photo of emb-babs, as a beautiful sporty woman,  blue eyes, beautiful iris, (uper body only), perfect flat  belly, topless, nice perky breast with gentle erectile nipples, wet in sauna, (wet hair sticky to the shoulder) and one braid, (looking at the camera), photoshoot style, seductive expression, perfect features, flawless skin, skin pores, professional, masterpiece, (photorealistic), detailed, intricate, high resolution, detailed background,  epiCRealism, OverallDetail

Example 3: RAW photo, (tanned) sexy blonde female, long hair, messy hair, looking at viewer, sitting on a bed, cleavage, narrow waist, (thick thighs), (short) sexy silk nightgown, (upskirt), at night, dim light, night lamp, (photorealistic), (perfect portrait), beautiful, (masterpiece, best quality), (extremely detailed),, real picture, (from above)

Example 4: 1girl, underwear, redhead, from behind, ass, thong, bent over table, looking back, looking at side, hair bun, black glasses, mischievous, flirty, amused, lips, sleeveless, mature woman, eyelashes, nose, modern living room

Example 5: Masterpiece, high quality, a highly detailed professional piece of mountain suspension,  rope bondage art, BDSM,  tied up, dark theme, forest

Example 6: (mature woman), solo, Blonde long hair, purple eyes, large breasts, (black velour underwear), earrings, glasses, apple orchard in the background, (squatting), sexy,  (masterpiece), (high quality), (best quality), (detailed), hd, perfect lighting, detailed face, detailed body, full body.

Final Thoughts!

And that’s a wrap to my detailed review of Let me know what’s your take on this realistic AI porn generator.

And by the way, I have given reviews of many other AI porn tools as well. So make sure to read them as well. 

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