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TikTok Favorite Inya Rose Vibrator Review [Pros and Cons]

Last updated on July 24th, 2023 at 09:53 pm

OUR HONEST REVIEW: Popularized on TikTok, this inya rose vibrator has a very strong pulsating suction, and it has a higher level of suction than most other toys. If you like intense clitoral stimulation, you can’t go wrong with it.

If you want a softer and gentler suction feeling, it’s not quite for you. It has a very cute shape that combines functionality with great design and is basically unbeatable at this price level.

Strongest pulse suction found at this priceNo low intensity levels – can be overwhelming
for some clitorises
Easier to use than most clitoral suction toysHard to clean
Sucking and vibrations are very well matchedNoisy
The exterior design is very cute and elegant with a mesmerizing

I’ve been using TikTok for a while now, and I resisted my desire to buy enough of the various novelties that abound on it, until I saw this rose sex toy going viral on it, and yes, I couldn’t resist purchasing it any longer.

I’m a fan of clitoral suction toys and I’ve tried quite a few. My inquisitiveness drove me to investigate if the hype against inya rose toy was real.

My Experience with the Inya Rose Vibrator

Wow, this is too cute, that’s my first impression of inya rose. It’s not often that sex toys in my fixed mindset come in this adorable whimsical shape.

It’s elegant enough to look like a delicate ornament, and when I put it on my dresser or nightstand when I’m not using it, anyone who doesn’t know what it is will probably think it’s just something you use in your daily grooming or decorating routine. You don’t even have to deliberately hide this toy from your parents or guests, it’s just graciously there.

It is the size of a makeup sponge ball, not too big, not too small just right. The whole body is covered by skin-friendly soft silicone. Compared to other materials silicone is the most suitable material for sex toy manufacturing, not only is it safe but also feels very good to the touch.

I couldn’t wait to try it out after just learning about his design and materials.

Inya rose toy has 7 vibration and sucking modes.

There is only one on/off button on the whole thing. I pressed the switch and right away it buzzed and started working. If anyone tells you this is a quiet toy, she must be bragging. It’s not a quiet toy, and it’s not weak in intensity.

I was shocked at the intensity of the first level alone, and I tried several other modes in turn. I was over it pretty quickly and it doesn’t take much time for you to orgasm. If you’re the type of person who has a hard time orgasming, then inya rose might be perfect for you.

The rose toy is a one-piece unit with no removable parts on the whole body. This also makes your cleaning job more troublesome, especially the petal part, although it looks very beautiful and elegant, the seams in the middle of the petals are easy to hide dirt and it’s hard to reach those seams to clean them.

Vibration intensity of Inya Rose Toy

The intensity of the vibrations is inya rose’s best feature and its most obvious flaw. Those who like it find the vibration fantastic, those who don’t find it too stimulating, and it’s really hard to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Compared to the Womanizer Premium, the lowest level of the rose vibration is equivalent to level 5 of the Womanizer Premium, the second level is similar to level 8 of the Womanizer Premium, and the highest level is about the same as level 10 of the Womanizer Premium. So the intensity range isn’t very wide and it starts off quicker.

If you want to reach orgasm slowly and gradually style, then you don’t want to pick it, it will disappoint you. Womanizer Premium and Lelo Sila are more suitable for your gentle play.

If you’re looking for a fast and intense orgasm, then it’s the one for you. It will skip those gentle modes and go straight to a higher intensity of stimulation. Seriously, for intensity lovers, you’ll be hard pressed to find a competitor that can beat inya rose toy in the $40 price range!

Comfortable and easy to use

As I mentioned earlier, inya rose toy is made of silicone. When you hold it in your hand, it feels great both on your hand and on your skin. The silicone feels very delicate and silky.

The round design makes it easy to hold and move around without breaking the seal around the clitoris. I like to use the Rose in a circular motion around my clit to sharpen the edges.

It’s medium sized and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand when you hold it. Thanks to its vibrations you don’t have to keep the suck hole sealed all the time and can get just as much intense stimulation from the vibrations.

Since it’s a single button toy, you don’t have to be distracted from finding the right button during use. Cycle through all modes with this one button. Focus on your orgasmic journey.

static (in a signal)

Inya rose toy is not a very quiet toy, rather its noise is bigger among the sucking toys. If you try it for the first time, you might get scared by its noise. Since it is a high intensity vibrator, the higher its intensity the more noise it makes.

But I was surprised to find out that it doesn’t make much noise when used against the skin of your body, especially when it’s sealed well. However, it still makes a louder buzzing noise when opened alone on the palm of your hand.

If you’re concerned, you can play some music while using it to mask its noise. But for the extremely low price it has, I don’t think that should be a deal breaker.

How to Use Inya Rose Sex Toys

First of all, make sure that the rose toy is fully charged before using it, otherwise you may encounter a situation where you are on the verge of an orgasm and your rose toy shuts down due to lack of power. To avoid this disappointing situation, fully charge the toy first.

Have a water-based lubricant ready, and be careful not to use a silicone-based lubricant, which could corrode your silicone toys. With the lubricant, you can use the rose toy directly even if you don’t warm up in time. And the lubricant will allow you to get a better seal and make the sucking more intense.

Then spread your labia and place the head on your clitoris or make a circular motion around your pussy, which is my favorite way. You can also use it on your nipples or other sensitive areas, in short there are not too many rules. Combining it with a dildo or a couple of fingers will make the experience even richer.

Finally, remember to give inya rose toy a good cleaning.

Where to buy inya rose toy?

First of all I don’t recommend buying from Amazon and Speedpost. With the current lax regulation of sex toys, there are tons of mixed rose toys on Amazon and Speedpost, and there is a high probability that you will get an inferior product.

Losing some money is trivial, but these poor quality products may cause harm to your body. I would recommend buying from some trusted sex toy stores, or retailers that specialize in retailing rose toys (e.g. inyarose). This can greatly reduce your risk.

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