Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Semi Realistic AI Art Generator – AI Transforming Artistry!

In the late, late hours of a starlit night, Vincent van Gogh; yes, you read that right, is working tirelessly, blending vibrant hues on his virtual canvas, creating masterpieces not bound by the hands of time. 

But wait, isn’t Vincent van Gogh long gone? Surprise! This Vincent is a virtual embodiment, a digital reincarnation fueled by a highly advanced AI art generator of 2023. 

It has more paintbrushes than fingers, more color palettes than there are stars in the sky, and a swiftness unmatched by human artists, churning out ‘Starry Nights’ faster than you can say “Sunflowers”.

Yes, welcome to the world of Semi Realistic AI Art Generator and the tool that is going to generate the same is known as onlybabes.ai.

The AI art of 2023 is nothing short of a creative hurricane, weaving a whirlwind of aesthetics and algorithms, splashing canvases with synthetic strokes so intricate and realistic, it’ll leave you wondering if these machines are more artist than the artists themselves!

So that all being said, let’s get started, shall we? Let’s check out how you can use onlybabes.ai for generating semi realistic or artistic type AI images.

Onlybabes AI – Semi Realistic AI Art Generator

Onlybabes.ai is an artistic type or semi realistic kind of AI art generator. It’s a unique type of AI art generator compared to all the other types of generators that are available online.

If you love to generate artistic kind of anime girls then onlybabes.ai is the one for you to check out! It’s a paid AI tool starting at $14 per month that lets you create unlimited semi realistic AI arts.

So let’s check out with some examples and prompts on how good semi realistic ai art comes out with onlybabes.ai.

There are 7 different style options in onlybabes.ai and for this article, I will be considering 2 styles i.e dramatic and perfection.

Example 1: A Topless Red Bikini!

Prompt Given: high quality fingers, normal hands, detailed fingers, masterpiece, (realistic, photo-realistic:1.37), (masterpiece), (best quality), (official art, extremely detailed), (highly detailed), ((absurdres)), 1girl, solo, long hair, looking at viewer, blush, smile, blue eyes, large breasts, black hair, thighhighs, navel, sitting, closed mouth, underwear, nipples, collarbone, panties, ass, sidelocks, thighs, parted lips, shiny, black thighhighs, indoors, spread legs, armpits, stomach, nail polish, blurry, high heels, fingernails, shiny skin, blurry background, cameltoe, highleg, chair, topless, red footwear, red nails, red bikini, long fingernails, highleg panties, leaning back, lamp, red panties, reclining, (adult:1.4), (shiny skin:1.2), oiled skin, mature female, bad-girl, sharp face

Example 2: Beauty in Asgard

Prompt Given: high quality fingers, normal hands, detailed fingers, masterpiece, (realistic, photo-realistic:1.37), award winning masterpiece, RAW photo, (solo, upper body photo of female:1.2), red cape, (scantily clad thor armor), (big breasts:1.1), intricate details, high detail skin, detailed nipples, standing in asgard, nightsky, higly detailed

Example 3: High Heels and Perfect Ass!

Prompt Given: high quality fingers, normal hands, detailed fingers, masterpiece, (best quality), (official art, extremely detailed, (highly detailed), ((absurdres)), 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, blush, smile, short hair, large breasts, thighhighs, jewelry, underwear, purple eyes, panties, full body, pink hair, ass, ahoge, thighs, red hair, earrings, parted lips, choker, looking back, black thigh-highs, indoors, spread legs, from behind, nail polish, black footwear, high heels, black panties, sideboob, night, black bikini, back, squatting, bottle, thong, wooden floor, toenail polish, shoulder blades, (adult), (super shiny skin), oiled skin, mature female, bad-girl, sharp face

Example 4: Fearless Gothic WIth a Crossbow!

Prompt Given: (gothic, monster hunter, holding crossbow, Van Helsing, crossbow:1.2), hat, cleavage, night, dim lighting, dark, creepy, curvy, thick, collarbone, small nipples, large breasts, detailed face, motivated light, dangerous mood, seductive mood, sexy, beckoning, inviting, dynamic, threatening, determined, fearless, ready to face the creatures of the night, dark cloak billowing, piercing eyes, silver bullets glinting, moonlit graveyard, mist swirling, intense and ominous atmosphere, gothic architecture looming

Example 5: Tight Pants and Gradient Background

Prompt Given: ((absurdres, heart, 3d, colorful, realistic anime, glitch)), (Radioactive, atomic, mystery, fantastic, blush, contemporary, psychedelic), wet, gradient, nanotechnology, sexy, cool, makeup, sexually suggestive, beautiful, hologram, sunset, (((gradient background))), 3d, blue shirt, big breasts, blurry, bokeh, branch, casual, crop top, dappled sunlight, day, depth of field, floral print, forest, lips, long hair, looking at viewer, midriff, motion blur, nature, navel, nose, outdoors, leggings tight pants, photo background, photo inset, shirt, solo, standing, tree, full body, a woman in pink and blue is posing for a picture in a park, rococo, long hair, a pastel

Well, what’s your take on all those 5 examples? Personally, I loved this AI tool and it does generate damn good artistic AI anime images. And as mentioned before, there are other styles as well which you can experiment with by yourself.

Final Thoughts!

So all in all, the capabilities of OnlyBabes.ai, as a semi-realistic AI art generator, surpasses many expectations. The platform is able to blend the boundaries between reality and imagination in ways that were previously unimagined. 

Through the examples we’ve explored, it’s clear that this isn’t just your grandma’s paint-by-numbers. No, it’s a blend of cutting-edge tech and aesthetic sensibility that has us staring in awe and occasionally chuckling at the sheer audacity of its creativity. 

In the art world, it’s like a magic show where the rabbit not only gets pulled out of the hat but also starts reciting Shakespeare. OnlyBabes.ai, and others of its ilk, are pushing the boundaries of art and imagination, maybe even faster than we can keep up with! 

It’s an exciting time to be witnessing this evolution of AI art, what say? And do you know any other semi realistic AI art generator like this one? Then let us know in the comments!

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