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Dick Sucking Lips and Facials | Why Women Love to Suck Dick?

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 04:26 am

There’s something about a pair of lips wrapped around a dick that just gets me going. And when those lips are attached to a face with a nice, sticky cumshot all over it? 

Even better! In this article, I’m going to explore my love for dick sucking lips and facials. If you’re into either of these things, I think you’ll enjoy it too.

Dick Sucking Lips And Facials

The appeal of dick sucking lips is pretty obvious, I think. They’re soft, they’re wet, and they feel amazing wrapped around a throbbing cock. 

But there’s more to it than that. I love the way that a pair of lips can make a dick feel even bigger than it actually is. And I love the way that they can make even the most average-looking guy suddenly seem incredibly hot.

There’s something about a facial that just feels so dirty and so naughty. I love the way that cum slides down a guy’s face, especially when he’s got a big, bushy beard. It’s like watching him eat his own cum or something. 

And I love how vulnerable a guy looks when he’s got cum dripping down his face. It’s like he’s completely at my mercy.

Why Women Love to Suck Dick

Let’s face it, ladies. We love dick. There’s just something about a thick, veiny cock that gets us going like nothing else. 

And there’s nothing better than getting down on our knees and taking that dick all the way into our mouths, sucking it until our jaws ache. But why do we love it so much? Let’s explore some of the reasons below.

The Power Dynamic

There’s no denying that there’s a power dynamic at play when a woman is sucking a man’s dick. She is literally putting him in the palm of her hand and he is completely at her mercy. 

She can suck as hard or as soft as she wants, and she can control the depth and speed of each stroke. It’s an incredibly empowering feeling to know that you have that kind of control over someone else’s pleasure.

The Taste

Let’s be real, most dudes don’t taste all that great down there. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to put their cocks in our mouths anyway. 

Maybe it’s because we know that they find us so incredibly delicious (have you ever tried eating your own pussy?). Or maybe it’s because we just love the way they react when we show them how much we enjoy the taste of their cum. 

Either way, there’s no denying that the taste is definitely a factor in why women love to suck dick.

The Visuals

There’s something about seeing a dick in all its glory that just does it for us ladies. Maybe it’s because we know how much effort they put into making sure their dicks look good (trimming the pubes, using lube, etc). 

Or maybe it’s because we just love how proud they look when they’re strutting around with their dicks out. Either way, the visuals are definitely a major reason why women love to suck dick.

These are just some of the reasons why women love to suck dick so much. 


Well, those are my thoughts on dick sucking lips and facials. If you’re into either of these things, then I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 

And if you’re not into either of them? Well, maybe this article has changed your mind! Either way, thanks for stopping by!

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