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How to Get a Girl to Like You? (Simple or Hustle?)

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:34 pm

Let’s face it – the dating game is rigged against men. Before a date, have you questioned yourself if the girl would end up liking you? Are you’re going to get lucky?

You’re dating a girl to be able to get the girl to enjoy you. This article will reveal to you only that – how to get a girl to like you so much that she’ll consent to go on following dates with you, and maybe more.

True, girls are naturally attracted to money and acclaim, but let us analyze why it is so in the very first place. Subconsciously, girls take money and popularity as a surrogate to a character which is fascinating and sensible, and thus are genetically wired to be attracted to those with such attributes.

Therefore, if we look at a deeper level, if we could carry the same values (being fascinating and sensible), we would manage to get a girl to enjoy you all the same, though you’re not rich or famous.

Therefore, the correct mindset when using communicating and humor to get a girl to like you is to plan to get a woman attracted to you rather than to chase her. First, by looking at what a girl needs (and giving that to her), you may get a girl to enjoy you right away.

Topping the list of what every girl needs is sense of humor. If you can get a girl to laugh, half of the battle is finished. 

Further down the list is self-assurance, intelligence, leadership (or dominance), being daring, ambitious, and romantic. However, if there’s one thing that you should work on that will get a girl to like you is your humor.

The key of using comedy to attract a girl would be to be challenging at the same time. This may be accomplished by not replying a girl straight when asked a question. 

For instance, if a girl asks you if you are seeing other girls, don’t say yes or no. Instead, say, “Yes, I do. In fact I meet up with my mom often for tea.” Intentionally look like you misunderstood her question.

Girls would normally keep on testing you to see if you’d relent to their requests. If you do honor, you’d fail their evaluations. 

The answer therefore is to ‘pass the test’ by being challenging and hilarious at the exact same time. Notice that should you’re being challenging without being humorous, you’re just being a jerk.

In conclusion, it is pretty simple to get a girl to like you. Be challenging and utilize your sense of humor, and you’ll manage to attract the girl that you want so effectively that it is almost like magic.

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