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How To Survive Relationship Crisis?

If you live an active, fulfilling life you are going to make mistakes and you are going to suffer tragedy, pain and crisis. 

This goes for all aspects of life, including your love life. When you fully commit to a loving relationship you are going to come across a relationship dilemma at some point. The question is how you will handle that crisis, not whether it will come.

A relationship crisis can be brought about by a variety of factors:

  • Poor communication
  • Few common interests and desires
  • Infidelity
  • Indifference to the future of the relationship

When you face one of these things you have a fighting chance of overcoming this crisis and growing old together, but when more than one of these things settles in your chances become bleaker.

Poor Communication

Your partner should be the one person you can go to with anything that is on your mind. They are your soft shoulder to cry on and your warm arms to find protection in. 

Yet, poor communication or a complete lack of communication can destroy all of this. It can create misunderstandings and cause both parties in the relationship to feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

You have all the tools to communicate with your partner today: smart phones, email, texting, social networking sites, and so forth. Yet, many people fail to communicate on a regular basis or communicate all wrong when they do try.

For instance, if one partner complains they feel unappreciated and misunderstood, you are likely to hear the other partner complain they can’t understand them because they never talk to them. 

After a fight both people often feel the other did not listen to them, but in reality they were spending more time thinking about what to say next than they were spending genuinely listening.

In some cases the problems arise from a lack of communication while in other cases it is poor communication practices. Either way, it is relatively easy to fix the problem once it has been openly acknowledged.

Common Interests and Desires

No relationship will last long if there are no commonalities to be enjoyed together. Physical attraction is important, but you have to do things together and really enjoy one another to happily spend year after year in harmony. 

If you only see one another when your head hits the pillow at night there are going to be issues at some point.

The commonalities that hold a relationship together can be literally anything. It can be hours at the ball park watching your kid’s games and cheering them on or it could be getting out on Friday night for an intimate dinner and a bit of dancing. 

Just find something to glue you together so you feel fulfilled and loved by one another.

Without this time together a crisis on a relationship is in the making.


Infidelity is an instant relationship crisis, no matter how long the outside relationship lasts. It can be a one night stand or a three year emotional entanglement. The end result is going to be devastating to everyone involved.

What’s important here is that infidelity occurs for a reason. It might be a few too many drinks at a business party or in a private business meeting or it could be intimate talks over the course of months where two people just naturally grow close together and feelings develop.

Infidelity often grows from a lack of fulfillment in the relationship, which means most of the time it can be avoided if both parties focus on making the relationship as strong as possible.


A crisis on relationship can be caused and/or complicated by the attitude of indifference on the part of one person. 

This indifference may really be there for a variety of reasons or it may just be the perception of the other partner. No matter what, it has to be overcome if the relationship predicament is to be overcome.

A relationship crisis doesn’t have to be the kiss of death for your relationship. It’s all in how you react to it, so be prepared when it hits. Get ready to dig in deep and work through the problems.


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