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ADULTAI PORN Review | Make Stable Diffusion Like Futa Art!

Welcome to the marvelous world of “Futa”! Futa, short for “futanari,” has become a titillating term that tickles our curiosity and raises eyebrows all at once.

Allow me to present an enthralling appraisal of, an extraordinary AI Futa generator that possesses unparalleled prowess in crafting remarkably exquisite AI Futas of the utmost caliber!

For those who possess an ardent admiration for Futa content, this remarkable AI tool might just captivate your senses. Review

OnlyFutas is an AI porn tool that is dedicated specifically for generating AI futa images and you must be 18 years of age to use this tool.

Before delving into the examples, let us first explore the seamless process of signing up for and acquaint ourselves with its user-friendly dashboard.

Signup for

Registering for OnlyFutas is a straightforward process. Begin by visiting the official website of OnlyFutas and navigate to the “Get Started” section. There, you will be prompted to provide essential details such as your email address, chosen password, and desired username. 

Once these details are submitted, your account shall be promptly created, granting you access to the wondrous realm of OnlyFutas.

Note that operates as a subscription-based tool, and does not offer a free version or trial period. For those enticed by its offerings, there are two subscription options available. 

The first is the Gold plan, which costs a monthly fee of $14. Alternatively, one may opt for the prestigious Platinum plan, an elevated tier of service priced at $23 per month. pricing

OnlyFutas maintains a secure and reliable payment system by leveraging the trusted platform of Gumroad for managing the payment and checkout process. With millions of users worldwide entrusting their payment details to Gumroad, you can confidently provide your payment information. And you can manage your subscription from your Gumroad dashboard.

Once you purchase the unlimited Futanari product, Gumroad will mail you a license key which then you need to paste it on your onlyfutas dashboard in order to activate your subscription. And once you have done that you can start creating AI Futas as much as you want!

As I have access to the platinum plan of OnlyFutas, let’s check out some examples with prompts to find out the quality and relevance of the image generated by

Example 1: Drink Tea and Make it Hard!

Example 1: Drink Tea and Make it Hard!

Prompt Given: solo, futa, blue_eyes, blurry,  blurry_background, blush, breasts,cup, ,long_penis, hair_over_one_eye, indoors, long_hair,looking_at_viewer, rosalina, shirt, sitting, table, teacup, twitching_penis

Prompt Proof:

Example 2: Ho ho ho! Gigantic Penis of an Elf!

Example 2: Ho ho ho! Gigantic Penis of an Elf!

Prompt Given: Futa,nsfw, highres, highest quality, perfect lighting, soft ambient lighting, highly detailed, hyperfuta,(hyper_penis, huge penis, gigantic penis), elf, (gigantic breasts), lace-trimmed bra,lace-trimmed legwear, lace bra, lace trim, lingerie, long hair, looking at viewer, panties, evil smile, smirk, solo, thick thighs, thighhighs, thighs, underwear, white bra, wide hips, muscular, indoors, plump

Prompt Proof:

Example 3: Naughty Scientist in a Laboratory!

Example 3: Scientist in a Laboratory!

Prompt Given: scientist, short black hair,futa, average dick,big boobs, wearing labcoat, boobs hanging out, standing in a lab, looking at viewer, slightly irritated, dick sticking out under labcoat

Prompt Proof:

Example 4: Futa Covered in Chocolate!

Example 4: Futa Covered in Chocolate!

Prompt Given: Succubus, futa, covered in chocolate, big cock, big balls, ejaculate, big boobs, big areola, puffy nipples

Prompt Proof:

Example 5: A Futa from Medieval Times

Example 5: A Futa from Medieval Times

Prompt Given: (dark theme), medieval, three-quarter view, sexy woman posing, thighs, small veiny penis, bottomless, arms behind back, pointy ears, black hair, blue eyes, looking at viewer, ponytail, huge breasts, red lipstick, earrings, sexy stare,(bedroom eyes), dark colors, Volumetric lighting, baroque oil painting, dynamic lighting, hyperdetailed, intricately detailed, vivid colors, complex background

Prompt Proof:

Considering the above 5 examples has done an incredible job in generating AI futa images. Yes, there are still flaws but overall onlyfutas output was good especially how the quality of the images look when it was upscaled to 4K!

Final Thoughts!

And this concludes our review of, an innovative tool for effortlessly generating AI futa images. If you don’t wanna use onlyfutas.ia then there is always the option of using stable diffusion. 

Let me know in the comments about your review of What were the outcomes like? How was the outcome? Let me know!

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