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What is Brown Shower?

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:42 pm

If you have a habit of vomiting when reading or listening to things that makes you feel gross, then I would suggest you not to read this article. 

Because that is something which we are going to discuss in this article. Brown shower is a kind of sexual fetish that isn’t fantasized by many but only a very few.

Well with that let’s check out what a brown shower.

What is Brown Shower?

In simple words, a brown shower means when a female keeps her ass slightly above the male’s face and then shits (poop) into his mouth. Yes, we heard your voice. It’s fucking gross!

But it’s a fetish for some which give them sexual gratification by doing this!

Some people get turned on by this, which is very but might be. It is a bdsm where women are in control, we can call it the ultimate form of femdom humiliation.

Females get paid for pooping into the male’s face and there are actually videos out there in the net where you can see a mistress feeding her poop from a bowl to a submissive male.

You won’t find brown shower videos in popular porn sites such as pornhub, xhamster, xvideos, etc because 99.99% of the people who watch porn don’t like this shit, and posting such videos will disgust the users.

Most Porn viewers are men and they’ll get turned on if they see something like this garbage because most of them like straightforward vanilla things.

Shit Talk

We hope you came to know what is brown shower. It’s a kind of rare fetish that we can call as a garbage fetish. But very, very few people love it and consider it as a fetish though!

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