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Where Are All The Good Men? How Will I Know?

After reading this article, you may want to ask yourself: have I become numb to what has been there all along?  

Maybe you don’t realize what you’re doing or thinking to distract or ignore a good man. In this informative article, you will discover how you can find that man you’ve been looking for, or maybe you have already found him!

Did you know there are lots of good men out there, but you don’t see them? They can be standing next to you, and you’re still unaware of them.

This is a common topic of conversation amongst women, and I frequently overhear them asking, “Where are all the good men?”

Where Are All the Good Men?

A Good Analogy 

Have you ever purchased a vehicle, and to your amazement, you begin to see your car everywhere? Where ever you go, there it is! Now they’re all over the place! Where were they before? 

Have they been there all along, but you weren’t aware of them? Yes, that’s exactly what it means. You just became aware of what was there all along. 

Once that awareness opens up, you begin to see things or people that you didn’t know existed. What a concept!

Does this mean you have resources available to you that you never knew you had? Absolutely, that’s what it means in this context. 

You become aware of people and things by your experiences with them: talking, listening, watching, feeling, and, of course, reading my articles. Now Apply It

When you apply that same logic to finding a man, you start to see men appear in front of you. They fit the profile of the person you’ve been looking for. 

However, you can’t see them if your focus and priorities are in the wrong place.

What you’re asking for and what you’re looking for should be in sync. 

Are you getting the picture now? Have you ever met someone and felt they were a nice and decent person, but they didn’t fit the physical profile you’re looking for? 

Or, have you ignored a potentially decent person, because you thought maybe there’s someone out there that’s better?

Your Focus Needs Focus

Have you ever seen attractive women having a relationship with an unattractive or average looking man? 

Maybe these women see in a man what’s really important (excluding women who see men for their money). Maybe they have gotten past the allusion of “the perfect man.”

So where is your focus first: appearance, physical achievements, occupation? Do you want a man who is financially successful, good looking, well traveled, has lots of toys? Sounds exciting right?

How about someone who is working on themselves on an inner level? How about a man whose main focus is to be a good friend, partner, and lover? 

He takes responsibility for who he is, and who he has become. He is mentally stable, and you can depend on him for emotional support. Sounds boring right?

Yes, you may think you want the latter, but the former sounds more intriguing? Do you see the conflict in thought and action? How can you possibly see a good man if you are focused on the opposite, or external?

It would be nice to have both. A man who is successful in both areas: financial and spiritual. However, focusing on attracting the spiritual aspects of a man first, will reward you with greater results later.

A man who is working on himself is more inclined to be responsible and conscientious when it comes to your feelings. A nice car, airplane, or boat would be nice to have, but who’s sitting behind the wheel?

It’s inevitable you will eventually discover the man inside. So why get hurt and waste your time with wrong thinking?  Besides, when things go wrong, who are you going to blame?

Ah! It’s too late now. Knowing what you know from reading this article, you can only blame yourself. Blame is a harsh word. How about being responsible for your thinking, and your actions.

How Will I Know?

Do you want to know what your priorities are, and what you’re thinking? Ask yourself this: what and who have I been manifesting into my life up until now? 

The people and things you have attracted into your life are the result of your thinking.

This is powerful stuff. How many of you actually understand Ester’s concepts? 

Hopefully, I can help you understand this, and you can become more aware of alternate ways of living your life: how you view things and people will be your rewards or challenges.

Good men are everywhere, but you can’t see them. There is a significant difference between what you want and what they want. 

I am speaking of “wanting” on a core level. Change your thinking and priorities, and your world will change. There is no other way.

If you keep getting the same results, then you need to change what you are thinking and doing. Thinking leads to action, action leads to results. Action before thinking leads to trouble – I think you know that already.

Change Things Up a Bit

Socializing with the same group of people will sometimes prevent you from seeing a different perspective on life. They usually speak of the same things, or they take the same repetitive actions.

Expand your mind, do different things, and you will see different things. Meet different people, and you will see people differently. 

Do it without judgment, and a whole new world will reveal itself to you. Find these worlds that have been there all along, one that is waiting for you to discover right now.

Practice this, and the results will be that you will have opened the doors to “all the good men.” They are standing in line waiting for you to see them.

Go get em!

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