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R Traps Community | Young and Beautiful Traps on Reddit

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023 at 12:16 pm

Imagine you’ve scored a hot date with a lovely lady, but when things start heating up, you realize you’ve been bamboozled by a male-to-female transwoman. Talk about a surprise twist ending! That’s a fucking trap. Lol.

In this article, we will check out this amazing Reddit platform known as r traps that is all about traps.

R Traps Subreddit Community!

If you are into trannies then you might love this subreddit as well. On r traps you’ll find a lot of shemales.

R traps is filled with beautiful looking femboys and by looking at them you’ll have a hard time figuring out if that’s a man or a woman. A perfect example of that would be the below post that is posted on r traps.

The body looks perfectly like a female with a nice ass and clean shaved body except that there is a hard dick that is popping out.

If that femboy is hiding that dick with clothes then I betcha every guy would probably think the person is a female!

Well now let’s talk about how popular r traps community is. R traps is not like a huge huge community but surely huge enough to have 1 million members.

Out of those 1 million members on r traps I’m sure there will be a lot of straight men who have joined it. Because straight do love to watch shemale content (I don’t) but I have seen a lot of discussion on it on Reddit.

Now, this r traps has been around for more than a decade as it was established on 28th Feb, 2010. You can expect at least 2K to 3K people active on r traps every damn time! 

And the frequency of new posts that are being posted is like 1 post every 4 to 5 mins and that’s how active this Reddit community is!

Now not to mention, r traps has some strict rules if you want to post any content on their community and of course, you must be 18+.

So far on r traps, the all time hot content has been the below post which is titled “still looking for my future husband” and has got 27K upvotes and you gotta read those comments. LMAO!

What exactly is a trap?

Traps is just another stupid name for femboys, trans or whatever shit you wanna call it. 

Trans folks put in all the sweat and tears to transform themselves into their true gender, while traps are like lazy imposters who only try hard enough to fool people into thinking they’re something they’re not. 

A trap is a male-to-female transwoman who looks and dresses like a cisgender woman, often with the intention of deceiving or “trapping” straight men into sexual encounters.

It’s like the difference between a professional magician who’s been practicing for years to perfect their craft and some kid with a cheap magic kit trying to pull off a card trick at a party. One of them has mastered the art of illusion, while the other is just faking it until they make it. 

What Does a Trap Look Like?

One of the defining characteristics of a trap is that they look like a cisgender woman. This means that they typically have feminine features, such as long hair, a curvy body, and a soft facial structure. 

They may also use those fancy makeup, wigs, and padded clothing to enhance their feminine appearance.

Just like the Reddit post that we shared above.

How Did The Word Trap Originate?

Well, nobody actually knows how this trap term even came into existence. Someone On Reddit said it actually originated the website 4chan during some heated discussion referring to a male who gets attracted to a cute girl, takes her to his home, gets into bed in an energetic mood and then gets trapped!

So, somebody came up with the term “trap” for this phenomenon and it kind of stuck around. It’s been used ever since.

Another person here on reddit had a different opinion about the orign of traps. Also, there are a lot of youtube videos on this if you want to get more insights into the Trap term!

Are Traps Gay?

And if you’re wondering whether getting it on with a trap makes you gay, well, the internet has some pretty lively debates on the topic. 

Some folks insist that traps are indeed gay, since there’s a certain anatomical feature involved that doesn’t quite fit the traditional mold. But others are more open-minded, arguing that as long as the lady in question has a “feminine penis”, it’s all good in the hood.

And the r traps title says traps aren’t gay! So I’ll leave that for you to decide or you can go to a subreddit, post a question on this and start the argument (I won’t call it a discussion). There are enough threads on this already though!

Final Thoughts!

In a nutshell, traps are like finding out that the milk you just poured into your coffee is actually orange juice. So, be careful out there, and always double-check that your crush is the gender you think they are.

Anyways, Reddit has all kinds of shit to please your dick and there is no shortage of content. Your dick should really thank Reddit NSFW communities!

Don’t get trapped in real life. So, be sure to spend a few minutes on r traps and educate yourself. Have you ever been trapped by a female (with dick inclusion) in real life? Let me know how embarrassing was it or how wild it go.