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Why Do Guys Cheat? Surprising Insights Revealed

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:33 pm

Why do guys cheat? Women have been pondering this question for years, but most still don’t have an accurate answer. 

Many women believe that men cheat because they are weak when it comes to resisting sexual temptations from other women. 

Some women believe men cheat because it is in their nature. Still others have come to the conclusion that men cheat because they always want the younger, more beautiful woman.

It is easy to buy into all of this reasoning, but modern day studies are finding that the reason most men cheat has nothing to do with sex or the seductive behaviors of other women. 

Women usually assume that it has something to do with sex or another woman looking better than them, but for most men it actually has very little to do with these things.

So, if it’s not the secretary’s new boob job waving in his face day after day or pure lust, what is it that convinces a man to stray from the woman he loves and get involved with someone else?

According to an author of a popular book on infidelity, guys cheat because they feel a dwindling emotional connection with their wife or significant other. 

Gary Neuman wrote a book titled “The Truth About Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It” in 2008. 

He did extensive research on 200 men to determine why they cheat, why they stay faithful, and what women can do to decrease the chances of their man cheating.

That research led to some explosive insights into this question: why do guys cheat? Neuman presented his findings in the book, but some of his insightful results were revealed through an interview with Newsweek back in 2008:

Almost half of all men in the study who cheated did so because they were lacking an emotional connection with their spouses.

Less than 10% of cheaters in the study contributed their actions to sexual needs.

Further, Neuman noted that the disconnection these men felt with their significant others had a lot to do with feeling undervalued or unappreciated. 

While he doesn’t place blame on the women when a man cheats, he notes in his Newsweek interview that women could decrease their chances of their man cheating by showing them more appreciation.

Whether you believe Neuman is right with these insights or not, it is clear that men who cheat are getting something from their mistresses that they are not getting from their wives or significant others. 

It makes sense that many would cheat if they aren’t being appreciated and valued at home because men instinctively want to be the big man in the relationship. They want to feel needed, respected and appreciated.

None of this takes away from the fact that some men will cheat purely for sexual reasons. 

If they are not getting the sexual attention they need from the woman they love, some men will have one night stands or short term encounters with other women that do not have any emotions attached.

The problem is most women assume that all men cheat because they are sexual creators with little control, and for most men that isn’t the reason they stray.

The Final Thoughts!

So, why do guys cheat? The only thing we know for sure is that men cheat when the mistress fills a need that their significant other is neglecting or unable to fill.

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