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Telltale Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Let me show you some telltale signs that they still love you and learn how to make getting back together a reality even sooner.

When you are going through a painful breakup like you are it can be very confusing trying to figure out what your ex actually feels or thinks about you.

You might be getting a lot of mixed messages or you just may have no idea how they feel.

I hope I can help you figure that out in some way.

There’s really no-one to focus on here except your ex because you know them, right.

Chances are you recognise some personal quirks or responses that are unique to them.

Or maybe they are giving you hints about how they feel, or touching you in some way.

Let’s go through things together.

Sometimes it’s too hard to do it on your own but I have faith in you, you have what it takes to win them back.

Body language is very very important and can be very informative in this situation.

Sign Number 1 – You hear from other people that your ex is actually missing you and talks positively about you a lot. For example, they may be telling their friends they miss you or they may be telling their family they miss you and they, in turn, tell you this good news.

Consider this as a positive sign but don’t jump in proposing because if you do the wrong thing at this point you could really blow it.

Sign Number 2 – You may see your ex making an effort to see you one on one. This is a positive sign, particularly if they seem to be in some kind of rebound relationship.

If your ex has opened up the lines of communication and is wanting to see you a lot then you really need to take action while the iron is HOT.

Sign Number 3 – I’ve heard of women telling men that they sleep in their shirts or they go to places where they had special memories. 

If you hear from others or from her that she is doing things that were special to only the two of you and your relationship post breakup then this is a positive sign.

Sign Number 4 – This may be particularly true for broken hearted men but all of a sudden you might get calls to help with some handyman jobs around the house. 

Men are definitely handy for a lot of things and one of the things she may miss pretty quickly is that you’re not there to do those odd jobs around the house that she may have taken forgranted before.

Consider this as a sign that she needs you in some way and is putting herself out there for you to do them for her.

Sign Number 5 – Don’t pester your friends but if you have common friends and they know you’re no longer together they may start sharing some information that they get from your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

For example, they may say something like “So and so keeps asking if you’re with someone”or “So and so thought you looked great the other day” or “So and so is really confused about breaking up with you and really misses you”. 

Take these comments with a grain of salt but consider it good food for thought and something you can definitely use to your advantage in your plan to win them back.

Sign Number 6 – Is your ex having trouble letting go? By this I mean when you’re in a relationship and you did little things for each other, is your ex having trouble stopping doing these things for you?

Perhaps it’s buying little gifts, or trinkets to show they’re thinking of you or buying things that they know you actually need day to day – these are pretty good signs that your ex is having trouble letting you go.

Now what I don’t want you to do at this point is to over-analyze things because it will just drive you crazy. 

You could look for things that aren’t there or misread things and really mess things up by making the wrong move.

But What If You Are Ready To Do Anything To win Your Ex Back??

If you’re feeling desperate, confused and overwhelmed at this point then chances are you’ve spoken too much to family and friends and may need instead to reach out to people who won’t judge you.

Start reading more posts on my blog and look out for what other assistance you can get at this point.

I discovered how to get my ex boyfriend back (we’re now married) through a variety of proven methods and I really paid close attention to signs I was receiving after our break up and followed the right advice at what to do at each point.

Sometimes it’s too hard to do it on your own but I have faith in you, you have what it takes to win them back.

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