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What Are The Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship?

There are some things which often indicate that your partner may not be faithful to you; these signs of cheating in a relationship include making excuses to be away from you more often. 

These may be frequent nights out with friends, business trips, having to work late and the like – all of these things may be cover stories for infidelity.

Common Signs When Someone Cheats In A Relationship

Suddenly becoming secretive about money can be a sign of a cheating partner. If your spouse or partner won’t let you see their phone bills or credit card statements, shreds them, has them sent to work instead of home or otherwise makes an effort to ensure that you won’t have a chance to see them, it can be an indicator that something is wrong.

Being moody or withdrawn are other things which may be signs of cheating on a marriage or relationship. A spouse or partner who is having an affair may seem uninterested in you, the family and work. 

You may also notice that your partner seems to try to pick fights with you and starts taking a bigger interest in their appearance. 

They may seem as if they’re trying to avoid you and they will often make a bigger issue out of money matters – and if they react strangely when the subject of infidelity comes up, this is something which may raise your suspicions.

It can also be a sign of cheating in a relationship if your partner urges you to spend more time on your own with your family and friends, avoiding coming along with you while doing errands and generally doing whatever they can to spend less time with you.

A sudden alteration in daily routine can also be one of an unfaithful partner. You may see some differences in your partner’s regular activities and find them coming home late more often, leaving earlier than usual and so on. 

If you notice your spouse or partner being very protective of their computer, mobile phone or other items which may conceal personal information.

If your partner seems to have a very short temper with you, sleeping in another room (or at their own home if the two of you do not live together) regularly and appearing to lack interest in sex. 

Some of the most telling signs of cheating in a relationship is if your partner suddenly wants to know your exact schedule or if they accuse you of cheating yourself; this misdirected guilt can often be a sign.

Basically, if you sense that there’s something wrong, it’s worth paying attention to. Your suspicions may or may not be founded, but listen to your intuition and you won’t be caught off guard.


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