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What Is Face Off Sex Position? Stunning And Enjoyable!

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:37 pm

If you are reading this article then 90% chances that you already have tried this sex position with your partner but might not have heard this term before.

Well, there is nothing truly fancy about this position as we explain it to you in simple words.

What Is Face Off Sex Position?

As the name suggests face off sex position is nothing but facing each other while having sex. Facing each other basically means you and your partner are able to see each other’s faces and have eye contact.

There is nothing really kinky about face off sex position and it can be treated as just another plain regular sex or vanilla kind of sex.

The below image is one example of how one can perform a face off sex position. 

Face Off Sex Position

You can have a face off sex position anywhere you want. Bedroom, couch, bathroom, kitchen, or any Fucking place it’s just that you both face each other during the intercourse.

Why Face Off Sex Position Can Be Great?

face off sex position can be great a sex position for you and also for your partner and below are a few reasons why it can be nice.


I mean really, this sex position is so much comfortable as there is no question of stress or pain that might have to any part of your body.

More comfortable for women as they will be on top (mostly) and women love being on top. 

Great for Cockwarming

Face off position can be good for cockwarming especially when you are in a position as shown in the above image. There is no question of cock slipping away from the vagina when you are in this position.

If you are not sure what actually cockwarming is, then have a read on this article.

Easy To Use Sex Toys

Using sex toys can trigger a lot of things during sex and there is no better position than the face off sex position for using the sex toys.

Eye Contact Drives Sex Hard

Eye contact during sex can drive the sexual intercourse to go wild and hard. Looking at each other’s eyes, lip movements, and kissing each other can add spiciness to the sex and you can do all these with face off sex position. 

Play With Her Boobs

Face off position where a woman sitting on your lap is a great way not just to have sex with her but also you get the option to easily massage, kiss, and play with her boobies.

Gives Her More Control

Face off sex position gives the woman more control as she is on the top which gives her power when to go in and out. She can also stop the thrusting at any time and start using her sex toys or take time to kiss you.

What Do You Say?

Face off position focuses on comfortableness and being more close and a way to connect with each other.

Hope we have made it clear what is face off sex position and why it can be soo good for so many different reasons. So what do you say, do you like this position?

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