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What is Lezdom? Find Out What it Involves!

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 06:37 pm

If you have never heard of Lezdom and what does it mean then we are here to help you out. Just like female domination (femdom) and male domination, there is Lezdom.

Lezdom isn’t a widely discussed topic like femdom and maledom but people who are in a lesbian relationship very well know this term.

What is Lezdom?

Lezdom is nothing but a short form for lesbian domination.

Lezdom is a form of sexual dominance and submission in which one partner takes on a dominant role and the other submissive but this happens only between the females.

Lezdom doesn’t involve any males and only females are in the play. Lezdom can also be known as lesbian femdom or lesbian female domination. Lesbian domination comes under the BDSM category.

What comes under Lezdom?

Almost 90% of things that are being done in femdom and maledom can also be done under lezdom but it will be a little bit towards the softer side compared to the other two that involve extreme torture!

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of lesbian humiliation videos and if you check out the major porn sites you will find out plenty of them.

Some Categories in Lezdom

Below are a few categories in Lezdom and there can be many more.

Lezdom Strapon

A strapon is a kind of penis-shaped dildo that can be used to torture your submissive slave.

Lezdom Spanking

Just like the other two, lezdom also involves ass spanking, pussy spanking, etc.

Lezdom Pussy Slave

A lesbian mistress can make her slave worship her pussy, kiss and lick her pussy

Lezdom Foot Worship

Just like femdom foot worship, lesbian foot worship is very popular as well. Lesbian foot worship can include a foot kissing and licking, sock kissing and worshiping, boot and shoe worship, etc

Lezdom Spitting

Lezdom spitting is nothing but where the lesbian slave has to swallow the spit of her mistress or mistresses. It can also involve food spitting, drink spitting, etc.

Lezdom Boobs Torture

Lesbian domination can also include practices like torturing boobs, whipping it, nipple play, hard squeezing, etc.

Now there can be many more hidden Lezdom practices and I hope you got the idea of what Lezdom is and what it includes.


Just like any other sexual fetish, Lezdom is also a kind of sexual fetish for lesbians. Some females might like one lesbian fetish and would absolutely hate other lesbian domination practices.

So if you are a lesbian couple make sure you get consent from each other before getting involved in any type of Lezdom!

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